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Thanks for stopping by and looking at my art

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My Bio

ATTENTION this account is basically dead please look below for links to see my current work DA fed my art to their shitty AI without my consent so I will no longer be supporting this place please DO NOT upload any of my work here these people are not to be trusted thanks for understanding -Brainiac Im not on reddit much anymore

Furafinity is www.furaffinity.net/user/roset… but its inactive

@Dessertburrito on twitter

https://www.tumblr.com/ponyartistbrainiac Where I am mostly active because oddly its the only trustworthy place left right now

Artist:brainiac on derpibooru

@ponyartistbrainiac on tiktok

I draw mostly ponies and im 30 years old

please ask before posting my art anywhere

if you have any questions feel free to pm me

I'm mostly blind and I draw with clip studio paint

Commissions are open and i do not take requests

Favourite Visual Artist
Heck probably my buddy Suigin Mudo
Favourite Movies
I love the Mad Max series (obviously), and most modern Marvel related things (captain america is the best yo) and miyazaki films are still rad to me
Favourite TV Shows
The good place, my little pony friendship is magic, the umbrella academy, Steven universe, Bojack horseman, this is us, stranger things, you me and the apocalypse
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My musical taste is widely varied and posting my favorites would take ages so instead im just gonna mention my favorite pony band the wasteland wailers check them out on youtube *finger guns*
Favourite Books
I rarely read anymore but I do own the hardback fallout equestria books
Favourite Writers
Anne Rice
Favourite Games
Pokemon, chrono cross, final fantasy, Fallout, slime rancher, viva pinata, spyro, sims, rune factory, disgaea, and im slowly getting into dark souls
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical pencil, paint, digital and Prismacolors
Other Interests
I draw and play pathfinder. I do alot of stuff involving Ponies and Pokemon. My life is rather uninteresting
Hey guys, To all my followers I just want to say Thank you for following me for so many years But DA has really made me mad with its AI stuff recently so I decided to bail I never wanted my art mixed up in all this AI stuff If you wish to find me again I have a Tumblr now oddly enough it seems like the most trustworthy place for artists right now: https://www.tumblr.com/ponyartistbrainiac I also have a discord server you can join: https://discord.gg/yCKSeXspzj just be respectful please and warning it contains NSFW content. Sorry for bailing on you all -Brainiac
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I updated alot of stuff on my page. Hooray. I also am slowly uploading the art I did over the past few years of being inactive here.
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They asked me alot about my art and projects and stuff If anyone is interested in that here is a link
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Congrats! You just earned yourself a new watcher!

You’re really good at all the things you do. And even the things you think you don’t do so well, I like how you do it anyway,

Thank you I try to push my comfort zone alot

Im constantly experimenting and trying new things

Hello there!!! :D

Cloudforth need your Blossomforth and Cloud kicker.

I Like Blossomforth and Cloud kicker art picture.