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April 26, 2011
Suggester Says One of the most incredible conceptual photos, it really speaks volumes. The whole scenery appears normal and peaceful, yet there is a unique heat and passion ready to come out at any moment. It may be "just a game", but in the end it may become a matter of life. Really smart idea and greatly represented by a talented artist.
It's Just a Game by ~Ibrahim2day
Featured by Kaz-D
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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It's Just a Game

my favorite photo

models : Ziyad Al-Rabeh (Left) - Ayman Al-Saqa (Right)
assistants : Hamdi Al-Kawas - Nabeel Abu-shanab (R.I.P)


one of the concepts of the photo that it's telling a history .. the chess itself is equally divided between black and white .. so they are supposed to be equal , but what happened ? the whit people started the war with their knives and horses (knife on the table and horse in the hand) .. in the other hand you can see the black stones which didn't move yet (their move is a payback..with guns in the future)
finally you can notice that the red in the background stands for the war, fear and blood

one more thing , I'm not racist ! don't misunderstand me ^^"
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Dec 21, 2009, 6:16:45 PM
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sumguy420's avatar
Cursed anime image. I love this!
So much meaning. It's like two sides of the coin figuring out what they're supposed to do.
8TeamFriends8's avatar
This even surprised me, especially that I totally got stunned.
sissyroberta's avatar
The ghost of Bobby Fischer !
argemirogarcia's avatar
This photo is one of my favs. Every time I see it I like it! Congrats!
ErnestoNoMuslini's avatar
It's not hard to guess the winner.
At some point the Black will do again the same mistake.
Instead of real freedom and his own house he will ask a free room in the house of the White trying to apply different rules than the rest of the house. So he will end up to build a "no white man" area.
Slubble's avatar
Concept 11/10 here
SunnySpells11's avatar
Racism: the chess game.
shawnthewolf12's avatar
Really, really well made. Good story as a bckground.
crystalcat01's avatar
AngrimmEisenmus's avatar
"Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemies' resistance without fighting."
 -Sun Tsu

seems like these two understood these over 2500 years old words.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Disturbing, thought-provoking and there is an undercurrent of dark humor.  Also, very well staged and the lighting against the shadowy background is perfect.  I kept thinking of Bergman's "The Seventh Seal" when I first saw this one.  Great work! :clap:
irrenderNarr42's avatar
a simple concept with a LOT of meaning behind it, well done.
kojelly's avatar
amazing concept!
CollabJackalRaptor's avatar
This is just-
I don't even know..
What is dA coming to?
VampireHunter4x7's avatar
What's wrong with it? It's amazing...
CollabJackalRaptor's avatar
It's just- no.
Sometimes I hate it when people portray blacks and whites being enemies and rivals.
There IS a lot of friendly relations with blacks and whites.
VampireHunter4x7's avatar
Okay then....if that's how you choose to take it. I don't think of Blacks and Whites as rivals, and I think a lot of people need to stop thinking of it that way, but I think this image is really interesting and thought-provoking. As a black and native american girl dating a really sweet white boy (sounds irrelevant, I know), I'd like to think I have an eye on both views, and honestly, while I feel people need to stop thinking of ANY race as rivals, and stop acting like it, people need to stop being oversensitive too and allow themselves an intelligent thought or two. This image isn't saying all people feel there's a rivalry and enemies, neither this image or the artist is saying that everyone is like that, and I really think your not being very open-minded about that.
CollabJackalRaptor's avatar
Hmm, I think I see now.
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