Mixamo Fuse CC - my observations
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Published: April 30, 2018
My comments about Adobe Fuse CC (I use Windows 10 Home OS):

Firstly, it is a beta software, and is only available for installation through the Adobe Cloud software.  You have to install the Adobe Cloud first.  Once you open up Adobe Cloud, you can choose to install several items, of which Fuse CC is one of the choices.  Click to install. It takes A VERY LONG TIME to download and install, and I have fibre speed internet connection ! 

The default installation location is C:\drive Program Files 32-bit, and you cannot choose where else to install it.  It is a 32-bit software !!  Once installed, it does not launch !! 

After searching the internet for information on the problem, I found that I must click twice quickly on the Fuse launch icon, then press enter.  After rapid-fire button-mashing through mouse and keyboard, Fuse CC will launch.  Maybe launch twice, even.  This is a bug, and Adobe appears not to be interested to fix this problem.

Once you actually manage to use the character creation system, you can make a clothed figure with hair, then save it as a Fuse format file with textures packed, then upload it to their Mixamo website for rigging and animation.  Thereafter, download it as an FBX file - in my case, this is what I need to use with Poser Pro 11.

I take the FBX file and import it into Poser Pro 11.  In the Material Room, you will need to set the Transparency on the Poser Surface to zero value.  I also selected reverse Normals.  You can adjust the face rig and the eyelashes - cool !! There are morphs in the head part of the Eyelash hierarchy and the Body 1 hierarchy.  You need to manually adjust the settings to get expressions.

I rendered the animations using Poser Pro 11.  No problem.
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