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I had earlier shown my hybridisation of Cycles celshaders by Izzy Fesco, Will Wenke, and myself.  Here I show my hybridisation of celshaders by Paul O Cageggi (the toon celshader), Will Wenke (the toon ouline shader), and my own integration.  These apply to the Cycles Surface base node in Poser Pro 11's material Room.

Cageggi-Wenke-JC Hybrid Cycles Celshader by ibr-remote

I also tried to adjust the shaders to permit light outline on for dark colours or textures:-

Cycles Hybrid Celshaders for Dark Colours by ibr-remote

And here are my renders using Poser Pro 11 Superfly, under various scene conditions.

My Hybrid Cycles Shader For Dark Colours by ibr-remote

Of course, you should expect to adjust the shader settings to suit your scene.  The Input Colour node may suit some situations, while the Texture Image and its corresponding Texture Coordinate node, will suit others.

Lighting should include near-zero scale Area lights (Blender 3D toon convention appears to be the use of zero size sun lamp).  For Poser, make sure the lights have shadow blur radius of zero, and shadow minimum bias or 0.000001, map size = 1024 (and, as mentioned in preceding sentence, Scale= 1 per cent).

The background will affect the lighting in the scene.  Make your own adjustments accordingly.
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Submitted on
August 24, 2018