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Argh facepalm !  I spotted spelling errors ! TSK !  Those will get corrected in Second Edition.

re: Romance Urban, First Edition

apologise for the technically inappropriate classification of my story. It should be called a Kinetic Novel. (Matters to other creators and the hardcore gamers of the genre.)

Thanks for your patience and understanding. This is my first release.

Please read "kinetic novel" wherever I have referred to "visual novel" in my notes.


Video Preview is here:

General Description

Romance Urban is a game produced by Juniper Chew, using the Ren'Py visual novel engine.

This is an original story written and presented in the canon style of visual novel otome games.  However, the creator has used 3D CG rendered still images instead of 2D anime / manga style artwork.

The main purpose of the story is entertainment for female readers in the mid- to late-teens.  While it does not contain explicit scenes or explicit content, it does have some mature situations of a mild nature, and includes some renders of shirtless male human figures.

Erica Lin is a young junior executive working in the media industry of a top-tier global city in the East.  She is 21-22 years old, and also studies part-time at the local city university.  She meets potential romantic partners in the young artistes at work, and fellow students at university.  The story tells of how her relationships with these potential partners evolve, as she copes with work and studies.

Added to the mix is the alternative culture of an elitist tribe of neo-ninjas, who work covertly on special missions in the city.

There are some sly references to archetypal anime / manga situations, and double entendre dialogue which only hard-core fans of otaku culture will pick up.

This is the First Edition of Romance Urban. Game play is simple for this version: a choice between two alternatives leads the player down different routes which eventually return to the main story.  

While targetted at a specific audience, older players will relate to some of the situations, and hopefully, also enjoy the graphics and music.

Extensions and spin-offs to the main story are planned, and these will be made available at a later time.

The creator may be contacted at


Terms Of Use

Definition: "Game" means the digital work entitled 'Romance Urban' by Juniper Chew, made using the Ren'Py visual novel engine.

1. By downloading this game, you agree that I am not responsible for any injury or damage, direct or consequential, you may suffer as a result.

2. By playing this game, you agree that I am not responsible for any injury or damage, direct or consequential, you may suffer as a result.

3. You acknowledge that I am the creator of the text, images and sounds of this game.  I have made available a list of third-party content which have been licensed in the creation of the images and sounds of this game.  

4. You have no right to rip, extract, re-distribute, or sell these images and sounds.  

5.  You have no right to pass off these images and sounds as your own work.  

6.  You are not allowed to use these images and sounds in your own productions.

7. You have no right to re-distribute or sell this game, whether in its entirety or in parts.

8. You agree not to pass off this game as your own work, whether in its entirety or in parts.

9.  You may not use the text or story of this game in any way, except in this game.

10. If you cannot agree to my terms as listed above, please do not download or play this game.

11.  If you break any of the agreement terms after you have downloaded the game, a terrible curse shall befall you and all your precious items, and you and they shall suffer horrifically.

Juniper Chew, November 2013


A Comment On Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright
Juniper Chew, November 2013

I spent 2 days reviewing some old territory for digital asset protection, and some new strategies as well, and there truly is no 100% proof method to protect digital assets posted for internet viewing, on any web server, at any time, in any way.  

Digital image and music assets, particularly original works created expressly for use with original digital games, can be ripped in some way, no matter the method of obfuscation used.

So, to the potential rippers and hackers of my game, I send my greetz to ya all and expect you to kowtow to my greatness as a creator of such wonderful art and music that you need so desperately to rip, hack and pass of as your own or to make money from it for yourselves.  I pwn you all when you do that.

use hash tags:
coding,programming,hacking,theft,IP,infringement,ripping,3D CG,game,development,music,


General Statement of main software used in production of this title:

Poser Pro 2014 from Smith Micro
Sketchup 8
Presonus Studio One Free

Juniper Chew, November 2013


Sound Creation Credits

All sound media are in OGG format.

Original songs created by me using purchased content Late Night Logic from LoopMasters, free content from MusicRadar and free content by DJ Puzzle.  Produced using Presonus Studio One Free.

Procedurally-generated sounds created by me using NodeBeat for Windows.

Procedurally-generated sounds created by me using Otomata On-Line Generative Musical Sequencer.

Juniper Chew, November 2013


3D CG Character Render CookBook
Compiled by Juniper Chew, November 2013


Ninja Kokeshi
by AprilYSH


Snow by Venincomix
Witch Hunter M4 clothing by B25 - my own material settings
Warpmaster boots by Lyrra and Sarsa
Shaina Hair by Propschick
Skinwear by Darkworld
Canvas shoes textures by Hitman
Snearker pack by Sickkleyield
Denim Jeans wristband by Billy-T
M4 Bodywears low cut briefs by phs7ven (haha you won't see this in the normal version of the game !)


M4 Yu by Fu-minn
M4 clothing set by iroha
M4 skull caps by aaprops
Original hair mesh and textures by Juniper Chew
M4 Gothic Jewels by NC
Vittorio V4 bodyhair by pdxjims, converted using Wardrobe Wizard by PhilC
M4 Tulwar clothing by Sickleyield
Notorious M4 clothing by Lady LittleFox
Notorious clothing textures by aben
Mod Suit by Billy-T
Ldd Gothic Jewels by Desiderius
Skinwear by Darkworld
M4 Shirt 04 by Sickleyield


Woo Hyun character morph by Mmalbert
Blanc character textures from 2012AngelicGifts by DarkDivision
Fantasywear qhfw001 armbands by Qraffx
Wasg hair by bice and outoftouch
Allnew Wasg hair textures by Chrislenn
M4 Jewellery by Cool Tuna
m2o IDcard by Kobamax, custom texture by me
M4 Enhanced clothing shorts by pdxjims
M4 Urbanwear by RD
Hipster textures by Moyra
Pyro choker by Prae
M4 Pijamas by RD


DAZ3D M4 Hiro4
Noir from 2012AngelicGifts by DarkDivision
B-Boy clothing by Studio Maya
Anders Hair by Neftis / Polymage
T-Shirt texture created by Juniper Chew
Dzmf001 shorts by DZheng
Qain hair by AprilYSH
Dolce Vita clothing by Outoftouch
Biz Suit, Denim set, and Biker clothing, by Billy-T
Earring by cooltuna
Dolce Vita clothing by Outoftouch
Ashlan M4 clothing textures by la3d
Euros skirt textures by Prae
HR-029 hairband by ali
M4 Jewellery earrings by Cool Tuna Studios


DAZ3D Michael 4
4D Mike4 F03+ Morph by gquest / 404 Designs
Falcon character by Morris
Supercargo shorts by Sickleyield
Sandals2 by Sickleyield
GhostMachineCollection collar by Inception8
Original hair mesh and textures by Juniper Chew
Bodycult Volume2 watch by Outoftouch
Wickednets by Lilflame
DZ Clothing dzmf001 by DZheng
Nightslayer clothing by Evilinnocence
Biker and Modsuit clothing by Billy-T
L75 M4 Hiro Captain clothing by L75
Boxer Shorts for M4 by Evilinnocence


DAZ3D M4 Hiro4
Leon shirt by esha
Leon shirt textures by Sarsa
B-Boy boots by Studio Maya
Kindred M4 pants by RP
Hornpipe necklace by Cool Tuna Studios
Val BeBe Hair set by Studio Art Vartanian
Sethan eye textures by Laysis
Noah Hiro4 textures by Sus
DZ Cowlneck clothing by DZheng


DAZ3D M4 Hiro4
Sweetheart by Idolstar
Nox Hair by Bice
Anime shirt and Urbane shoe by Xena
Anime shirt textures by Sarsa
Wild Male Hair by PolyMage / Digicalimero
Exercise for M4 towel by Channing
DZ Chippendale clothing by DZheng


DAZ3D Aiko4
Mayuka by Kobamax
Bodycult jewellery by Outoftouch
Hayden hair bow by Propschick
V4MS clothing by Kobamax
MK3S clothing by Kobamax
Cute Bob Hair by Chocolate
Modern School Uniform by Jinpachi

Father of Noir

DAZ3D M4 Freak4
Lucius M4 by 3DS NDS
Corey Spikes hair by Neftis
DAZ3D Darkthorn clothing

Uncle of WooHyung

Project Human Male
Caramel Hair by M3D
PHM quick suit by MLB


DAZ3D Aiko4
Ami by Fu-minn
Amber hair by Lady Littlefox
V4SD clthing by Kobamax
Minidress by Billy-T
V4 boots by Poserworld
Bodytek Darktek by Darkworld
Kunai by Mao Dante / NekketsuKyoujin


Daz3d Aiko3
Akira clothing by Val
Jan19 Magnifique necklace
A3 Bukko by 3574 (ex-Aziqo)
Hime Hair by Aio
kusarigama chainweapons by TMC
Ninja shoes by Chris Cox
NeoGenics by DarkWing Zero


Various Poser-ready 3D content used for background scene renders include:

GIS structure, assorted bedroom props, from DAZ3D, with lighting effects by me;
A Pool by Hideout, with night time lighting settings by me;
Terradome, Aquazone, and Terraluna, hot tub, lightning and rain effects, from RuntimeDNA ;
dance studio by SAMS3D;
hibiscus and palms by LB;
Miki CE hotel from Content Paradise /Smith Micro;
fern by ToxicAngel;
Streamer Pavilion by Deerpath;
a room by PoserWorld;
bedroom by LBA;
tree planes by richarbri.

Procedurally-generated cities created by me in Blender, using Suicidator City Generator script by Arnaud Couturier, material settings by me using Poser Pro 2012 and 2014 Materials Room.

Renders of models from 3DWarehouse were used as backgrounds inside of Poser Pro 2014.  Please refer to 3DWarehouse for terms of use.

Juniper Chew, November 2013


and... you may find the game here:

My SkyDrive has the First Edition of my new Visual Novel Otome Game.

Be sure to read the preliminary information about my game before you download. This information is available here at my deviantart page: ibr-remote.deviantart.com/jour…
or here at my livejournal webpage: ibr-remote.livejournal.com/633…

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... and you may find the game here:
My SkyDrive has the First Edition of my new Visual Novel Otome Game.

Be sure to read the preliminary information about my game before you download. This information is available here at my deviantart page:ibr-remote.deviantart.com/jour…
or here at my livejournal webpage: ibr-remote.livejournal.com/633…