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Entire Instagram grid used as brochure - clever…
#Vroid Studio v 0.2.4 is now in English Language !…
I recommend these techniques……

see the tweet.
Out of the box, Poser Debut does not run 3rd-party python scripts, whichmeans if you use this version, you can't import DSON content (from Daz3D).  However, with the commercially-available eXtended_Access script by the late Dimension3D (aka D3D), it is possible to run python scripts in Poser Debut.  See my linked discussion under this gallery picture:
  Using DSON content in Poser Debut by ibr-remote

I used Daz Studio Pro 4-10 to render a background image for the VRoid Studio scene.
Everyone - warning: I received a phishing email very closely resembling Groupon email, with credit card last 4 numbers quoted on the email, thanking me for purchase. Only thing is - no such card. Reported as phishing attempt. Stay Alert !!

This VRM Viewer by BeamManP has to be installed on local computer. This is one of two methods of viewer my VRM file created using VRoid Studio by Pixiv.
After creating the 3D CG VR avatar, you will need a viewer to actually see the VRM content.

This is an installable VRM Viewer by BeamManP

While this is a browser-based viewer by YukiMochi

Real-Time Motion Generation for Imaginary Creatures Using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Siggraph 2018

Take a look.…

So, looks like I can use my own FBX human figure inside Unity and create my own VRM humanoid for Virtual Reality.  Need to review the steps again. But another day !!