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With the third story in the Little Munch series now released on the iTunes App Store, our total downloads reach ever higher numbers. After years writing and illustrating unpublished children's story books, it's nice to see something I've worked on actually being READ - now in 75 countries. I bought an iPhone for my wife last Thursday at Walmart, as it was on super sale. Now, I finally have access to the App Store (my computer is too old to access the App Store) - the first thing I did was fire up the phone and search the App Store for Little Munch - and there he was in all his baby Black Angus bull glory... in all three of the Little Munch stories - I practically jumped up and down in excitement (actually I think I DID jump up and down...). Turns out our largest market is the U.S.A, followed closely by Saudi Arabia and China. Hmmm...why Saudi Arabia? Are they especially fond of Black Angus baby bulls? I can see an iPhone user playing with "How Little Munch Got his Name" on their phone as they circle the Kaaba in Mecca. I'm not allowed to go to Mecca but Little Munch can go. And, hopefully, I will finally finish my friend Greg's kids story, "Skipper", and little Skipper the Sparrow will grace the screens of iPhones and iPads around the world, same as Little Munch. But --- without a finished eBook, no downloads... so it's nose back to the grindstone to illustrate and animate the next few stories.
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December 22, 2012


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