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Aaravos, the Archmage


A Prelude to Darkness


A Prelude to Darkness

A long, long time ago when planet Earth was still young and humans, animals, and dinosaurs of all kind were still new and roaming around the world in this universe, there were other beings that existed alongside them. These creatures were different from them. They came in the form of spirits, fairies, pixies, sprites, demons, elves, dwarves, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, griffins, chimeras, gnomes, and imps, but there were many more. They all mingled with the humans, animals, and dinosaurs yet still kept their distance as their otherworldly presence and powers or magic can sometimes have an adverse effect on them. Some o

A Legendary Rescue

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My Bio

My name is Ashley, but if you don't want to use it, you can call me by these other names: Blue, Kitzune, Iblue, Icy, or Ash. I'm an artist who likes to draw, paint (even though I rarely do it these days), read fanfiction, and write fanfiction from time to time. I am also fan of many franchises and someone who enjoys looking at crossovers and multi-crossovers in general. In fact, you could say that it's something that I dabble in most of the time ;P

As for how I would describe myself...well, I'm a fairly kind person who who likes to speak my mind at times. However, if you get on my bad side, my nice side will get thrown out the window. Overall, I'm a quiet person who has a lot of sarcasm, an odd sense of humor, and likes to keep to myself if possible. I can also be very stubborn and blunt at times. Furthermore, I'm the type of individual who has the tendency to either forget something (yeeeeah, hooray for horrible memory), misplace something, or say something and not elaborate on it any further (which I don't like at all I'll admit). And lastly, I'm a smol nocturnal bean who changes her mind waaaay too darn much (I can be pretty indecisive about a lot of things).

Now here are some fun facts about me:

  • I used to collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well and play the game. Though technically, it was the Yu-Gi-Oh one I played. But it was a long time ago, like back in high school, so I might have forgotten how to play the game by now.
  • I used to play the xylophone, guitar, and drums back in high school even though I wasn't very good at those last two.
  • I've been a pretty tomboyish person for as long as I can remember.

Favourite Visual Artist
Rukimo Takahashi, Peach-Pit, and Shōji Yonemura
Favourite Movies
X-Men Days of Future Past, Godzilla (2014), Transformers 1 & 2, Rise & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Predator 1 & 2, Alien vs Predator, and many more...
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, Xiaolin Showdown, Sonic Boom, and many more...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I don't have a particular favorite band, but whatever sounds good and pleasing to my ears, I'll listen to it
Favourite Books
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, PS3, and 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Eraser, Ruler (sometimes), Sharpie Pen (both thick and thin ones), Colored Pencils/Markers (sometimes), and sometimes other colorful pens
Other Interests
animals, fantasy/supernatural stuff, nature/scenery pics, anime/manga, and many more...
Hello, hello, everyone! Yes, I'm alive and haven't disappeared off the face of the earth or anything. I've just been more active in other places compared to this one. That's all. But now that I'm back (well, sort of), how's everyone's day been so far...

Skyrawathi's Random Selection Lottery

Skyrawathi's Random Selection Lottery

You guys should also go check out her work while you're at it. She can really create some amazing and awesome art! Here's a couple of examples of the work she's done so far:                
RE2 remake and DMC5 hype! :la: :love:

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Happy Birthday!
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Thank you!
Happy birthday.
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Thank you!
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