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He is not quite this bad yet but getting close...when I saw this photo I just cracked up because it really makes him look a lot larger than he is but he is a large cat. Mikey weighs in at about 16 pounds and we have been addressing his weight during this last year or so...when he lost the ability to clean his bottom end. LOL
He is doing much better now since we stopped free feeding and has much more energy.

This photo is funny because is is really exaggerated but obesity in our animals is no laughing matter. 54% of the pets in the USA are Overweight According to Latest Veterinary Survey that equals about 93 million US Dogs and Cats. Being overweight puts them at risk for so many problems including Osteoarthritis,
Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart and Respiratory Disease, Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury, Kidney Disease,Many Forms of Cancer and a Decreased life expectancy. (up to 2.5 years)

The reason behind all of it is pretty easy to figure out, too many calories and not enough exercise. Free feeding is very problematic when it comes to their weight also. Problem is, we can't just go cutting back their food without the advice of a veterinarian, especially with cats because of their risk for fatty liver Disease if they drop the weight too fast. So it's always best to consult the veterinarian before doing any drastic changing of the diet.

With Mikey, I decided to just stop free feeding and start making him exercise more which has been funny at times because trying to get a cat to exercise when they don't want to is not always easy. He is still a chunky monkey but we are trying and that is what matters. LOL

Model is Mikey
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Ah yes....let me tell you a little story. I had (past tense) a stray that followed my husband home years ago. He was starving. He had this long tail and these big ears and I told my husband then: "If he grows into that tail and those ears, we're in trouble!!!" Well, believe me, he did!!! All of 23 pounds of him! He wasn't lazy; he was a very sleek healthy boy...he was just big! He developed thyroid cancer in his later years which should have just melted that weight right off of him but no, when his life ended, he still weighed in at a good 'ol 19 pounds! The vet couldn't believe it!
Now my Arthur looked like your Mikey except he had yellow eyes....nice beautiful long hair that got on everything! Sadly his life was only 4.5 years long but he was a nice big boy too. Beautiful like yours! I have a couple of scanned photos of Arthur in my gallery. I don't think I have any of Oscar, my 23 pounder.
Truthfully, I am known to grown 'em big though.....:)