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Stray Cat's Prayer.....

Dear God, please send me somebody who'll care!
I'm so tired of running and sick with despair.
My body is aching and filled with such pain;
And dear God I pray, as I run in the rain
That someone will love me and give me a home,
A warm cozy bed, and food of my own.
My last owner left me alone in the yard...
I watched as they moved, and God that was hard.
So I waited a while, then went on my way
To rummage in garbage and live as a stray.
But now, God, I'm so tired and hungry and cold;
And I'm so afraid that I'll never grow old.
They've chased me with sticks and hit me with straps
While I run the streets just looking for scraps!
I'm not really bad, God, please help if you can,
For I have become just a "Victim of Man!"
I'm wormy, dear God, and I'm ridden with fleas;
And all that I want is an Owner to please!
If you find one for me, God, I'll try to be good.
I won't scratch the carpet; I'll do as I should.
I'll love them, play with them, and try to obey.
I will be so grateful if they'll let me stay!
I don't think I'll make it too long on my own,
'Cause I'm getting weak and I'm so all alone.
Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry,
'Cause I'm so afraid, God, that I'm gonna die.
I've got so much love and devotion to give
That I should be given a new chance to Live!
So dear God, please hear me, please answer my prayer,
And send me somebody who will REALLY care.

Well God did Answer his prayer...this is a Roo and here is a photo of him below when he first arrived at our house, he couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth because his mouth was so swollen and infected.

You can read about Roo's rescue by clicking on the photo below...

For those of you who already know Roo...he is doing great, he is just part of the family now. Roo's health is holding up, he is now a healthy 13 pound cat, he was 6 pounds at his time of rescue.:no: Roo sleeps right next to me at night, he is such a lover cat and he plays....Wow...he plays, its such a wonderful sight to see him playing, swatting toys around, feeling good, he is happy and it shows and that really makes me feel good.

Roo was put to rest on November 28, 2011.
His presence in our lives is missed every single day.
Roo’s spirit taught me so much about appreciating life…right now.
His sweet soul and kind heart will live on….
for as long as I live, he shall not die.
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do you mind if I draw this one (I know you don't mind if I draw Mikey)
Neurotic-Idealist's avatar
I'm always so glad to see others who love animals as much as myself and my family. The animals give us such joy. :)
If only more people wanted to help them.
Thank you for sharing .You make a great presence in this world.Blessings to you and all you care for.:heart:
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Que foto hermosa ♥
iCantSeeFuchsia's avatar
He is beautiful!
I hope him and Mikey are getting along well with each other! :)
BetweenAsleepAndWake's avatar
I love black cats :heart: and I am glad to read Roo is doing well :)
Gingertabb's avatar
:( This is such a beautiful poem. :heart: Brought tears to my eyes. Did you write it?

Also, he is a very gorgeous kitty. :)
ibjennyjenny's avatar
Thank you and no I didn't write the poem.
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Wow, this cat looks just like my precious Slippers... She was a the runt of a stray litter and we took her in and saved her from the harsh Ohio winter. My aunt works as an animal rescue volunteer and took the rest of the litter( they were more feral than my cat ) and it's parents to get spayed/neutered also.
I'm so glad I rescued her though. She's the best cat I could ever ask for. She comforts me when I'm sad, and always makes me smile. In fact, She's sitting next to me right now licking my arm as I type. :heart:
ibjennyjenny's avatar
Cats are such wonderful friends, Thank you
picture-in-a-frame's avatar
he is beautiful..

I'm so glad it all worked out so well!
I'm working on adopting a little stray cat myself, we'll have to call in a week or two, and then, hopefully we can take her home

this is her, by the way:

did it al work out with Mikey?
(I forget if you have any other cats.. I think you do right?)
I mean, did he accept him easily?
I'm a bit worried about that myself, since I have Noa already, I'm afraid it will bring problems (Noa does not go outside)
ibjennyjenny's avatar
There was a time when Mikey would have tried to kill Roo, no joke. Before I got Mikey neutered it wasn't pretty, he was great with people but hateful to other cats and with him being deaf, it was worse because he couldn't hear the other cat screaming...he almost killed his mother, his teeth went through her windpipe and I had to rush her to emergency. Crazy.
I would have never attempted bringing in an outsider back then but since Mikey got's all different now. He does still get rough sometimes while playing but he isn't hateful and he takes his role as King very seriously. For whatever reason, Mikey has taken Roo under his paw so to speak, he takes care of Roo. I think he knows Roo has medical issues. Roo only has 4 teeth left in his mouth and had a really difficult time with pharyngitis when he came here so his grooming habits were very poor. Mikey has taken over the job of grooming Roo now, it's so cute.
picture-in-a-frame's avatar
O my god!
Mikey was a real killer :o
Hard to imagine the way he is now.
unbelievable that being neutered would make such a difference, and thank god for it
It's great to hear that they are doing so well now, we are going to call to ask about our stray tomorrow, so finger crossed everything will go well!

Any tips for letting them adjust to one another?
(don't mean to bug you! You have just been so helpfull :))
Heylormammy's avatar
:iconaheartforyou: from me too. I adore cats and the poem, picture and story are all wonderful :heart:
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