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Peepin TomCat


This is Mikey looking through the crack in the bathroom door,
He's not really peepin, just making sure I'm still in there. You see, my cats, especially Mikey and Roo, seem to think our bathrooms have some secret exit and that we will go in and not come back out therefore, one of them must accompany us every time...or stand right outside the door raising all kinds of hell.
Mikey is deaf so he has to actually see us walk in there but Roo, he can be downstairs and will hear the bathroom door upstairs shut and within 30 seconds he is scratching at the door wanting in. LOL

Crazy Cats!

More Mikey....

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So precious! Your photo is so much clearer! Wonderful! :-) 
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It took me so many shots to get that. It usually does with all of my photographs.  Photography is work. I think you are doing great, very talented and Lucy is a doll.
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Thank you! Such very kind words! Thanks for the words of encouragement, it means alot! Lucy is so very precious indeed!:-) 
ibjennyjenny's avatar
Isn't amazing how much they mean to us? They steal our hearts away...the little thieves. Nod 
lucytherescuedcat's avatar
Yes, they do! You're welcome! :-) 
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my dog always sits by the door… she gets so worried lol
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LOL They really think that there is a secret exit and you will slip out. LOL
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yeah… sometimes animals tend to get a leeeetle crazy ^_^
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Your beautiful work has been featured here: [link] :juggle:
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I featured you here: [link] Hope you like it! Do show appreciaton to other featured artists! :heart:
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wow this pic is epic
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Hi! :heart:
This nice photo has been featured here [link]
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I love those eyes :) So curious!
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Thats cute, but when I look at it, al I can see is a cute cat that will kill you if you in a heartbeat. You know the whole 'I see you'. Cute but scary. :stab: :sprint:
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LOL LOL Your comment cracked me up. Mikey is a love bug, nothing to be scared of here.
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:) (thats the best digital smile i can find, sorry but its lame :)) Aww thanks, I am sure he is perfectly safe. But you should always watch him. It's when you least expect it!
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Awesome image!
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my cats r like this 2 hahaha Mikey is so cute
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awwww sooooo cuuuute :love:
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love the photo :) my cat always comes in the bathroom too! and if he realizes i'm in there and he isn't he's meowing and pawing at the door.
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