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August 6, 2009
Odin by =ibjennyjenny Suggester says "A thrilling picture, filled with amazing detail and breathtakingly close, I could stare at this for ages. As well as quality, it has a great message behind it too."
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Suggested by TheFakePixie
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This is Odin....he lives at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Odin is an 8 year old White Bengal Tiger who was hand raised, his trainer is Lee Munro. Odin is 10 feet long from nose to tail and he loves to swim; he is the star of the exhibit "Odin's Temple of the Tiger". Odin's mother was the first White Tiger born at the park.

I was so taken by this guy, he is so handsome and has such a personality. The face he is making here is actually keeping the water from going up his nose.

A century ago there were about 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now there are just 2,500 adults, with the Bengal
variety almost extinct. None has been seen in the wild since the last white tiger was shot and killed in 1958.

Receiving a DD for this shot means so much to me. I really wanted this photo to be as much about the message as the art. I have seen this as a reality today, so many people taking the time to leave comments, the majority of them showing concern for the existence of these tigers. I have a renewed faith in those around me. DA has proven once again to be a community of people that I am proud to call my friends.

Thank you TheFakePixie for suggesting my work and kkart for being my inspiration.
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that's a priceless expression
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This is simply magnificent, I don't need more word :clap:
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This image is beautiful, the tiger it self is amazing but the picture all together is gorgeous.  
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White tigers are not a naturally occurring offshoot of Bengal stock. Aristocrats, long ago, force bred them from a mutation. The white of their fur does not afford them the same advantages their properly, naturally colored cousins have when hunting prey in the wild, and thus they are prone to shorter lifespans than their naturally colored kin. The whiteness of their fur also makes it harder for them to regulate their body temperatures through panting, thus making them prone to overheating [because the white hair they have is a hollow filament, and does not trap cool air]. The colors of the eyes on a white tiger also inhibit their night vision, affecting their hunting ability in the dark. They still see better than us, and most things, but yeah.

Back in the 1980's white Tigers were all the rage with rich idiots who wanted to show off their 'might' by possessing one of these mighty creatures as house pets. Several high profile public people were mauled and/or killed for their arrogance.

Lastly, the temperament of ANY tiger is unpredictable, at best, but whites tend to go insane in middle age, due to hormone and other factors, again, due to unaccounted-for breedings in wealthy homes around the world.

This is NOT a naturally occurring species of tiger...

Your photo is beautiful, and shows his personality well. I myself worked with tigers [Siberians] for three years at the San Antonio Zoo, when I was in college. They are simply magnificent creatures!

I wish Odin a long and painless life, but, unfortunately, the odds are stacked. I applaud that zoo for keeping him in decent care, and for letting me show his personality. Many of his kind lead very lonely, exploited, cloistered lives.

Thanks for reading this...
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Thank you so much for leaving such an informative comment, I love it. That was my objective with this photograph, to bring awareness so that people could learn more about the Tigers. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this.

As for Odin, he is magnificent, he is perfect from head to toe and for the most part, he seems pretty well adjusted which I believe has a lot to do with his Trainer Lee Munro. Lee REALLY loves Odin and they have been together since he was born. Lee is an very intelligent man with a very kind heart and he loves all animals.  He understands Odin and though his environment is not ideal, his needs are met to the best of Lee's and the Parks abilities.   

Odin's temperament from the outside looking in seems pretty leveled, Lee once told me that when Odin doesn't want to work, he doesn't work. LOL It made me smile when he said that because Odin does have choice. I'm sure his ultimate choice would be to live in the wild but I think he is doing ok where he is now, he has been there his whole life and when you see the way that he looks at Lee, it's clear that they share a very strong bond. Odin is in good hands.

Again, thank you so much for your comment.
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He's more fearsome than a white shark :lol:
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Crazy huh? Thank you.
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Thank you so much for this Feature, I apologize for such a late reply. 
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You're most welcome!
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I've never seen anything like this!! Fantastic! What a majestic creature the Bengal tiger is. Horrible beyond belief that these creatures have been hunted to near extinction. Shame on humanity. 
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Thank you so much.
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I had a cat named Odin! What a beautiful and fierce creature! Amazing shot :D
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Screw the hunters and pochers who kill the beauty of nature
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