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Mikey Sees You

By ibjennyjenny
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But he cant hear you.

Many of you here already know this but for those of you who don't....Mikey was born deaf.
I knew he was deaf by the time he was 8 weeks old, when I would enter the room to give he and his litter mates some kitty milk, they would all run to greet me at the door, except for Mikey, he would still be all curled up sleeping away. I would have to literally walk over to him and touch him to wake him up and so the journey began.

Many would assume that living with a deaf cat would be difficult and it has it's challenges no doubt but Mikey is not disabled. Mikey is very capable and very bright, he even knows sign language, he knows...

Come here


Get down

bye bye

Time to Eat (he knows this one best)

These are just the ones off the top of my head, the ones used the most but I talk to Mikey all day long and so there are more I am just not thinking of. Yes, I talk to a deaf cat and maybe I am a little crazy but when we are all curled up together at night and I rest my head on him as I tell him how much I love him and he begins to purr from the vibration of my voice....I don't feel crazy, I don't feel crazy at all, I feel loved, by Mikey.
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Those eyes are so gorgeous!!!
IceFeatherWings's avatar
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He's so cute and so beautiful. And their eyes are too! I really love it! ♥
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the way you talk about your cat is incredibly inspiring. I love your photographs and your Mikey :heart:
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adorable! :iconveryexcitedplz:

my uncle has a deaf manxie on his farm, and though it may not be the safest place for him, he sure does get the most amazing sleep :XD:
he is also the gentlest, sweetest cat I have ever had the fortune to meet :meow:
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my new wallpaper! <3
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Thank you for being an intelligent human being , and not just throw this beautiful cat away, because he's diffrent... If I would see anyone do that, that ******* better start praying :)
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I'm such a catlover myself, and the description was just so touching<3 You should make a video of your sign language and show us! I'm very interested, I think non-deaf cats can benefit. But I had honestly never thought of it. Also, he looks amazing!
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Is is going to be fetured on my page! :D
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I love the picture but the story behind it was amazing. =]
WrathAndEnvy's avatar
;^; This is so sweet, and he sounds so wonderful~ I don't think you are the slightest bit crazy, I think it's really intelligent of him that he's learned to communicate so effectively!
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awwwwwwwww! He is a very lucky and adorable cat. :meow:
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He looks so cute I wish I could squeeze him tightly!!!
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Good to know that he is being taking care really great!
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His eyes are incredible.
sammich13's avatar
your story is so touching :] :iconrlytearplz: I wish you and him the best....he sounds like such a blessing. you guys were made for eachother :] <3
cookietex's avatar
Awww how sweet, both the story and the cat! :heart: Faved!
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Beautiful eye. :wow:

Beautiful cat. :D

Beautiful relationship. :heart:

Great photo. ;)
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It's so sweet. Cute. Beautiful. :D
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