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He Always Knows



There are days when I wake up and nothing seems to be right.
No matter how hard I try, nothing seems to work.
I stumble through the day on the verge of tears wondering why,
asking myself if there is some point to it all because if there is, I am really not seeing it.

Sometime throughout this type of day, I will see out of the corner of my eye
this little white ball of fluff trying so desperately to get my attention...
"just look at me Mom and I will make it all Better"

When I notice his antics he is usually doing this, as you see in the photograph, he is peeking around something, looking from under something or he is upside down. Whatever he thinks it will take to make me smile. And it works like a charm, every single time.

What amazes me is how he knows....
He always knows when I need him the most.

Model is Mikey

Here is more of Mikey....

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