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Culinary School Graduate. Baker with dreams of being on Food Network. Otome addict. Big Gamer Nerd. Amateur Artist. Beginner Visual Novel/Game Creator. Movie lover. Obsessed with Music and writing fanfiction. Also a bit of a tv show, book, and webtoon fan.

I have chronic pain, arthritis, and bone disease in my arms and have lost usage in both of them. I strive to make my dreams come true despite the pain. I hope to improve myself and make friends as I go. If you're in the need for a commission, I'll do them for free. They're great experiences. Just please don't get mad at me if I'm slow. I'm slow at art, but I try my best to make sure it looks as good as I can get it.

Stamp by old-mc-donald Mindless Self Indulgence STAMP by Neith-DA Artists With Arthritis by Cysco-Inu Mouse Users Club Stamp by yanagi-san PC Gamer Steam Stamp by KillboxGraphics Visual Novels Stamp by Katsu14
I love RPGs - RPG Kiste Style by VonHohenburg :thumb520405807: Playstation Whore Stamp by rockstarcrossing Dungeons and Dragons Stamp by Maksn Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by StampPKU Thrift Store Junkie by BohoGoth Lisa Frank Stamp by Apple-Rings Stamp-Fanfiction Is Crack by LightEcoSage1:thumb774551284: Reading Stamp by Tandenfee Halloween Stamp by SailorSolar Atlus Stamp by Narukami90 Otome Games . . by MichiKaii Cooking and Baking Stamp by Mintaka-TK FLCL stamp by Xandeichan the truth is out there by sp00kyWinter DINOSAURS stamp by homosocks Victoria Frances Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeN Don't dream it. Be it. by Faolin-MT Good Eats Stamp by SirCrocodile Horror Movie Stamp by anastasia-black NES Controller by ImFeelingStampity Nancy Drew Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser

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Favourite Visual Artist
Victoria Frances, Sakimichan, Sweetchiel, Hayao Miyazaki, Tim Burton
Favourite Movies
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, John Water's Movies, Saved!, Sugar and Spice, Thirteen Ghosts, Grease, Grease 2, Chick Flix, Teen Movies, Comedies, Horror Movies, Musicals
Favourite TV Shows
Skins (UK), The X-Files, Good Eats, Hell's Kitchen, Witch Hunter Robin, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
AFI, Blaqk Audio, The Cure, Five Finger Death Punch, Chromeo, Mindless Self Indulgence, Disturbed
Favourite Books
The Long Walk, The Plucker, The Abhorsen Trilogy, Sherman Alexie Books, Webtoon Series
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, Sherman Alexie
Favourite Games
Dragon Age Series, Baldur's Gate Series, Mass Effect Series, Pillars of Eternity Series, Tyranny, Torment, Forgotten Realms, RPGs, CRPGs, Otome Games, Visual Novels
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Mobile, PS3/PS4, 3DS/DS, GBC/GBA, Wii U
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint, Online Photo Editors, Gimpy, Drawing Tablets, Photoshop
Other Interests
Cooking, Crafts, Making Games, Themed Movie Parties, Writing, Board Games, Card Games, Learning New Things


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Now, I'm not saying I am a good artist, by any means, but I hate seeing great work go without critique. I saw you requested critique, so I felt I'd give you critique, since everyone wants to better themselves and everyone deserves critique.

I looked at the reference picture you gave in the comments of your picture. I rated you a 4-star for the vision, because it definitely is a unique idea for you to come up with. I wouldn't 100% have known that the reference was what you were going for, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't like it.

Originality is 4.5 stars, cause you definitely turned that reference picture into your own work.

Technique is a 4 star, since I had seen you mention your inspiration for the scales and because you did a pretty good job on making this creature. What did you use to draw this, if you don't mind me asking? I do like a lot of the techniques you used on creating this creature. If I had to say you should do something different or change, it would mostly be that I would love to see some more coloring to the scales along the underside of the creature and maybe a little more fur on the legs? However, the linework and overall design of the creature is quite good.

Overall, I gave you a 5 star rating for impact because, while this may be a contest entry, you definitely went above and beyond to make this your own, while somewhat remaining true to the original.

Great job and keep up the awesome work! I look forward to seeing your artwork change and grow as you go. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
-Krokotiilin Hampaat- (contest entry)

Have you celebrated Pride before?

Depending on whether I work or went to school or had free time. I did 2 years ago up in Portland with my Trans Friend, Bi Sister, my Straight sister, and I, an Asexual. I did a lot in high school when we were able to do "Day of Silence" in which you show the world the voices they're missing by staying silent as a way to stand for all those who are gay and can't be themselves out of fear.

What do you think of first when you think of Pride?

I'm glad they have times for people to celebrate who they are. No one should have to change just so others can like them.

How do you show support for LGBTQ+ people you know?

I accept them, call them by their names or pronouns that they want, have shown I care for both them and their partner(s), have asked common questions about polyamory so I can understand my friends' open relationship, have accepted anyone who feels Asexual and help them learn to cope with who they are and to be proud regardless of what others think, I have attended weddings for them, I've gone to pride celebrations, and I have stood up for them whenever someone has mistreated them or put them down for who they are. Overall, I treat them like humans just like everyone else, because everyone should be treated as such even if they choose different lifestyles that aren't quite the norm for others.

Pfft... I think your art is good, so don't put yourself down.

Ibitz commented on Ibitz's collection

You did such an amazing job at it. I definitely hope to keep doing a good job at my art so I can get to your level. :)

You're most welcome. I'm really glad you love it. Sorry it took so long!

Rogue and Scott {Commission for Animelove1430}