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Liquid Mercury TG TF P 5

There also another version story for this picture by :iconcarthageplate: here…

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ive seen latex and suit ones but not pecking m u r c u r y

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What happend here
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Materialized transformation complete now to have fun
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Hate to say it but a woman as insane as her will get whats coming to her in time, be it from a rogue creation she cannot control or something far more powerful then her creation. The end will come to her.
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Vague comment, can't tell what its aimed at.
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aaaaand then she kisses her creation XD
Sora2455's avatar
For some reason, that researcher reminds me of a character from A Certain Scientific Railgun...
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Next thing that doctor knows, she's having everything vapourised around her as something of pure plasma destroys her for her crimes.
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Very nice composition!
LordOmegaZ's avatar
and then they kissed... >3>

you know you want them to...
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Superb idea and execution as he was taken over completely by the mercury and now is a slave one could say.
Superb work.
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So...what happened to the guy in there?
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I think long gone snice the doctor wiped his mind
It needs a power source.
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One possible idea that they were completely turned into liquid mercury and the last page was their mind being overwritten
The Mechanism must be sustained...
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Probably so and by taking over that guy's body it now defined form and possibly the knowledge he had from when he was still human
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