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[FE]Golem robot Corrin and Severa

Drawing for story trade. Corrin and Severa  turn into golem similar to the sao pic I draw
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Wouldn't Corrin know Severa as Selena?

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Good to see Female Corrin the Thot being tortured.

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Sorry for the sentence from the excite translation.

Such illustration, good ... amazing good.
Selena (FE) 's state change illustration is particularly good as it does not seem so ...
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Somehow, Corrin Used A Spell That Armors Her From The Inside Out
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I like
Corrin is nice or mecha-nice! :)
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It feels like the angle and pose is off. Also the legs don't seem proportional to the body. Otherwise it's pretty good.
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Yeah I feel that too. I try to fix it but it still look a bit weird.
Made my requests(full body) that more difficult?
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Wel,l maybe sometime I just made stupid mistake.

It's kinda like you realize your mistake too late and have to choose between redo the whole thing or go thought with it.
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Well your artwork has certainly improved over the years. It's not like you haven't done full body poses before in a good manner it's just this one didn't turn out so hot. Your girl into demon transformation is still one of my favorites and that ended in a pretty decent full body pose for the time. I would say it was your best work that year. 

More recently I can say that last panel full body pose this is excellent:  To Enter The White Void P3 by ibenz009

It just means it's something you know you can work on right now if you want to be improving. See if you can try giving yourself some challenges in your artwork this year with frontal full body poses. Your angled poses I would say are superb at this point illustrated by your transformed Tracer.

Keep up the good work I am a dummy! 
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Ooh...wonderful work!
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Now I'm intrigued with how Camilla would look like that
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nice art pp and by the way can you make some dragon transformations as well if its not too much trouble
Hey guys, I was the one, that wrote the story to request this pic.

I'm not sure, if I want to publish it. I'm not completely happy with the story. Which makes me even more thankful, that ibenz009 still took my request.

And I've some regrets with my request as well. I like Severa, which is why I requested her with Corrin, but I can't help but wonder, if I should've requested someone more fitting alongside Corrin, since Severa isn't that important in Fates and doesn't really have a canon-relationship with corrin. Maybe Azura or an evil female Takumi. Of course, that's not ibenz fault.
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Interesting as I kind like how Severa is in this with Corrin. While she might not have a connection with her in Fate there is an overall connection the two can have which is what I was planning to use to tell my own version of how this happened to the both of them
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can we please get THAT as a alt costume on Smash Ultimate?  XD 
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NICE! A pic about fire emblem! Good job!
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Love the Corrin design. Great job. Say, do you do collabs?
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very nice
Mind if I try writing a story for how this happen to them?
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Sure go ahead.
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