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Evangelion plug suit tf tg

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Evangelion is the creation of studio gainax and Anno Hideaki
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KrymsonReaperHobbyist General Artist
Huge neon genises fan
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I like how this one keeps the extent of the transformation simple. It's just a gender change and nothing else.
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elemental-childStudent Digital Artist
explanation please!
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good job as always
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Love it! The mechanical details are really well done!

There needs to be way more Eva TG material. Always had the idea of the LCL being full of estrogen and slowly changing Shinji, done by Nerv to improve his synch ratio...
FanofFanArt2372's avatar
Nice transformation!  I especially enjoy how the face of the character transitions from male to female in such a state of shock.
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It looks like the Evangelison's second movie when Mai says "Da Beesto".
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To be honest...I had to look at this a couple times before I realized what had TFed... :P

Hey, I never watched Evangelion.
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"Incompatible pilot"
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Fantastic work on the sequence! Thank you so much for it!
Kazumy's avatar
Intensely detailed gorgeous work that truly is unique
LordDreik's avatar
His mother secretly wanted a daughter...
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Odachi65Hobbyist Writer
Fantastic job!
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RushlanHobbyist Artist
simple but cute
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There's nothing new about that.
i've read fanfic that have Shinji got gender bend in that way.
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Grey-SparkStudent Traditional Artist
There's nothing new about coca-cola either, but meh, its still cool.
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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
Not quite the strangest thing that has ever happened to an Eva pilot, but it is up there. Just wait until that fun after mission physical.
mega1987's avatar
there's a gender bending, soul bounding, body swapping, age regression(Misato got de-aged by getting splashed with LCL in one fic.) and all other screwy stuff.
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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
As someone responsible for a few of the more exotic TF, they would still be getting off pretty easy with those.
MKalut's avatar
Poor sap was wearing the female model from the beginning so he should have seen that coming.
lukaner-Z's avatar
Now,she can be a pilot. :meow:
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horaciosiStudent Digital Artist
As if Evangelion wasn't weird enough
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I'm not into TG, but this is awesome.
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heul so good
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