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The tf reminds me of SCP 217- the clockwork virus.

h300's avatar

This is an interesting TF, well im not very fan of TF into robots but I like this comic

And her body make me remember to Nox (from Wafku) but I don't know why

Curia-DD's avatar
Amazing transformation!
Kadindarklord's avatar

Oddly enough, I'm getting a Lucca from Chrono Trigger vibe from her.

balloonking99's avatar

Did she keep her mind at least

h300's avatar

I don't know

nikie77's avatar
Now did the big robot on the wall just transfer to a new younger body or did it make a bride, like with Frankenstein ? 
h300's avatar

Nope , I see that the robotic armor in the background is undone and adhered to the girl's body, almost as if merging

Wow, that's a great series/strip!
SomariaMoon's avatar
Ya know, to me, the human form looks exceptionally like Lucca from Chrono Trigger.
Animeightey's avatar
What methods do you use in creating these? The characters are intricately detailed and the backgrounds almost look like they were hand painted. 
Marscaleb's avatar
But... what happened to the flesh?
wowiewhatausername's avatar
it got turned into things, obviously
benallen9901's avatar
this is really good
Thepowerofwriting's avatar
Wow the art work is Fantastic
mariahmaru's avatar
Oh my god, so cool.
SoullessActions's avatar
Guys this is art for a tf story here on deviant art lol
Wrong way around; the story was based on the artwork.

do ether of you have a link to the story?

I'll tag SoullessActions, but he seems to have disappeared before I made my response and even that was several years ago. (For the record, I don't have a link)
sallty6666's avatar
This is creepy.
airborn901's avatar
I'm going to have nightmares 😭 i have to save her
I'd like to point out that I see no proof that it isn't still the same person inside that robot body. She may not need, or want, saving.
TheEmmjay's avatar
Indeed. I know I can think of worse fates than becoming a sexy steampunk robot girl.
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