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Iben Krutt's Traditional Media Brushes

By IbenKrutt

That one freaking brush pack, now sans all the silly bugs! Should be compatible with all newer versions of PS. 

Easy peasy tutorial on how to install brushes in PS.

If there are still any bugs or issues with these brushes, please tell me and I’ll see if I can fix it. If you use them and like the results, I would be thrilled to have a peek!


© 2015 - 2021 IbenKrutt
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i hope i will use this pack/ thanks

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This looks lovely, however the download is not working, is it possible you could update the file/download link ? :)

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hello! i hope it's not an annoying question but do you have similar brushes for csp? i loved your brushes so much much and started to use csp recently and i really miss them!
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I don't! I currently use certain brushes from FRENDEN and Paolo Limoncelli.

The first one has something like 800+ brushes, so I have limited my current selection to Toasted Tad (Dry), Painterly (Skin Dry), Woolworth Wash and a water and oil blender.
From Paolo, I use a large part of the watercolor brush set. It really has a lot of the textures and effects I'm looking for in my digital art.

I switched from PS to CSP over Christmas, so all my most recent stuff is done with the brushes mentioned above.
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thank you so much for taking your time to reply to me with all these information, i really appreciate a lot, ill definitely check all of this! ^v^
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oh jeez i wish these brushes were for procreate as well D:
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From what I can see, Procreate already has mighty fine brushes that are similar (or better) than these :)
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Thank you so much
CONAE's avatar
been using these for quite some time and i have to say they are amazing!
IbenKrutt's avatar
Glad you enjoy them :)
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These are wonderful, thank you. :heart:
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the download link wont work (again) ;v;
LouChihuahua's avatar
The download link doesnt work :o
IbenKrutt's avatar
Should be fixed now.
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Thank you for being so generous! I will link something back once I use them :)
LobitoWorks's avatar
Downloaded, thanks so much for being so generous with your radical brushes! My favorite right off the bat is the airbrush. I will experiment with these in the coming days!
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Awesome!  Thank you very much for sharing these.  I'm looking forward to playing :3
MelloW77's avatar
Thank you so much!:huggle:
Oly-RRR's avatar
Thank you!!! :) Going to give them a try - I'll show you if anything interesting happens but it might be a while till I paint anything digitally!
Argema-Brassingtonei's avatar
Awesome dude, these look tight!
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when you say "newer" versions are you talking CS6 and up or the Creative Cloud?
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Nah, more like CS3 or CS4 and up, probably.
I was using PS 7.0 for so long those both constitute as "new" to me, haha.
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