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GB had to stare at the wall for a good minute before realizing he was back at Kozumi’s place. The relief ended as the memories of seeing his two young comrades falling towards the earth while engulfed in flames came back to him.
He pinched his eyes shut and reached over to the other side of the bed, unable to find Chang.
He sat up abruptly, scanning the room. His side still had the typewriter in the corner, while Chang had never taken down the recipes and pictures of them all from their first trip to the beach. Stumbling to his feet, he went over and looked at them. Joe and Jet were grinning broadly at the camera with Francoise between them.
“O proud death, what feast is toward in thine eternal cell, that thou so many princes at a shot so bloodily hast struck?”
He muttered, looking at them. Shakespeare’s words wouldn’t stop spinning in his head. The moment one quote left, it was replaced with a far crueler one.
He was pulled out of it when he heard the fro
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Tongue :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 3 0
The parting glass
Will didn’t have to turn around to know that it was the Mollari-girl who had shrieked at him, so he didn’t bother. ‘Girl’ wasn’t really correct, though. She stood a good head and a half over him, and he had attended her 20th birthday part only two months ago. The sound of thick high heels slamming against the floor got louder, and before he had had the time to draw breath, she had clasped his arm in hers, dragging him along down the promenade like a particularily strong gust of wind,
“Commander, what is the meaning of all these ugly rumors!”
She had chosen a rusty lip-color today, and played with the red in her eyes, which were lined in with black. Good look for a girl who could just as easily have picked him up by the belt and carried him.
“I don’t have to answer that, Lady Mollari. This is still on a need-to-know-basis.”
“I am aware of that. However, I think you can indulge me in some friendly
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Know Your Place
“Great Maker, did he drown?!”
Londo gave up looking for the chauffer in the dark, snow-filled landscape and instead folded his hands and blew some hot air on his fingers. The carriage’s heating system had died, but no matter how desperately cold he was getting, he would rather see his limbs snap off than cuddle up to Durla, who was sitting on his left. Lione and Daraga were sitting across from them, and had huddled together under a fur blanket.
The three ministers had accompanied him on a trip to the largest of the east isles.
Londo had known that he wouldn’t have been allowed to go on his own, but his entourage had picked themselves, and thereby insured that the trip would be incredibly unpleasant in every way. Celes had a harmless, but nasty cough, which immediately excluded her from joining him, and Senna had to stay and watch her.
The concern for his daughter along with the sight of the three idiots coming his way had sent his hearts down to the soles of his
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The entire court was gathered when Londo entered.
It only made for a more dramatic effect when they saw that he was pulling Throk through the room after his crest, ignoring his kicking and screaming.
He bellowed, marching up to the throne and turning towards them. He threw Throk down and put his boot on his side, keeping him where he was. One of the guards ran out of the room, quickly returning with a pair of golden scissors.
“My dear friends, I hope you all remember that, despite certain set-backs, we are still a civilized society!”
Maybe this was how Cartagia had started. A public execution of some kind. They certainly looked frightened. But his blood was boiling, and wouldn’t stop,
“And that though nerves might be frayed, attacks such as the one I just witnessed are not permitted, and especially not in the palace!”
He grabbed the boy’s crest again, and started shaking him like a rag
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Early Dessert :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 3 2
“Sannel, stop that at once.”
John felt relieved when Londo made it clear that the ventilation system wasn’t on the fritz again, but wasn’t sure he was going to say about the noise coming out of David’s playmate.
The kids had been very good while he and Londo had gone over a new treaty and the complaints that usually accompanied them. There was something relaxing about working in one’s own home instead of a sterile office. Besides, Londo saw it as a vacation from the Narn-friendly temperature in his own quarters.
His eyes did not move away from the papers when he called out. The rattling in the back of Sannel’s throat paused, but started up again when David tried to wrestle Daffy out of her hands. Londo excused himself as he left the table and lifted her up and into his arms before she could attack the other toddler.
No matter how often they would do these half play dates, half business meetings, John didn’t know if he’d ever get use
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Where you go
Londo didn’t turn to look at the station when the jumpgate opened. Some would call him sentimental, but he didn’t want to remember his last view of it with anger. Instead, he was sipping at wine that tasted more of sugar than alcohol.
His mind churned with theories of what could be going on, but no matter what scenario he conjured up, the conclusion was already made.
They had decided to make the Centauri the enemy. It was a pathetic and overused tactic, but most of all lazy. Delenn and Sheridan had been so obsessed with making the Alliance work without having to rely on a common enemy, but even their optimism had to end sometime.
Handing the Centauri the role of the villain was easy. No other race would think to defend them. Not even in the spirit of friendship and daze of joy over the union would they be able to forget past crimes. He put his drink down, bringing his hand up to a clammy forehead, and brushing his fingers lightly over his own crest. It hadn’t fallen o
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Routine :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 3 0
Roomservice by IbenholtED Roomservice :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 2 14 Beach Girls by IbenholtED Beach Girls :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 2 3
She wasn’t going to stay. They had already made that clear. He had even told her that it wouldn’t be right. Adira had a lifetime to make up for, and they both knew it. But she was young, and he was busy. It would be a long visit, but nothing else.
She had many times thought about the offer he had given her when she left, but always thought to herself that it would be better for them to wait. The way their relationship had blossomed, she was certain that he would have eventually asked to marry her. And she would have accepted without a thought.
Adira Mollari of house Mollari. She shook the thought off with the last sip of her drink. Her head felt heavy and warm, and she couldn’t think properly. She blamed it on the hum of the transport. Not even a first class seat freed her from that annoyance. It made her wonder if it bothered him as much. If it would have bothered him as much if they had married and his career had ended. It had taken a bad hit in the past, he had tol
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Sannel knew that her dad had been in prison many times. When she had been very little, she had cried about it. Prisons were where bad people went, and she knew that he was not bad. He had kissed her head and told her that it was alright now. He was free, and so was she. They could go wherever they wanted in their ship. He had no plans to be imprisoned ever again.
It made her wonder just how angry he would be when he woke up. The room didn’t look like a prison, though. There was dark wood, gold trim and red silk everywhere. The bed was large and full of blankets and pillows. If she ruled out the windows that had boarded shut, and the two guards outside the door, not to mention dad who was lying unconscious and badly hurt in the bed, it would have reminded her of a hotel room.
The physician had ruined his shirt while tending to the wounds and the poison in his system. He had cursed about Narn scum and how his job should not be about patching up barbarians. He had become very pale w
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They almost looked like flowers. As strange as it was, G’Kar’s entire appreciation for Centauri décor was limited to some latent power in his teeth.
Londo pushed the neckline of his nightshirt further aside and looked at the mark again. The blue, pink and purple bruises on his shoulder were enveloped by a greenish yellow, like leaves around the colorful petals. There were pretty containers of cream, powder or perfume on the table in front of him, but he didn’t reach for any of them.
The first time G’Kar had bit him, he thought for a brief moment that he was attacking him. He was used to little nibbles at best from former bed-partners. Having G’Kar’s teeth sink into his skin had caused him to almost scream. But suddenly, he was back to sitting in front of a computer screen and read the few facts about the Narns that had not been lost over the years. On of them was that they marked their mates. Londo did not dare to call himself G’Kar
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Babylon 5 Sailors by IbenholtED Babylon 5 Sailors :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 8 7 Centauri by IbenholtED
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Centauri :iconibenholted:IbenholtED 2 3


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Needs more time
I am currently obsessed with Sci-Fi, Babylon 5 in particular. As most of my watchers are logurt-fans, I do apologize.

Current Residence: My room
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Opera, Classical
Wallpaper of choice: Movies, Dragons, Nemi
Favourite cartoon character: s Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Joker
Tagged by: mustakettu85

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☆ Name: It's norwegian and means War Goddess. 

☆ Star sign: Gemini. People like two things about me... my face. 

☆ Average hours of sleep: as many as possible. 

☆ Lucky number: 5

☆ Last thing googled: g'kar

☆ Favorite fictional character(s): G'Kar, Londo Mollari, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Steven Universe, Leonardo, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, Lydia Deetz, Lumpy Space Princess, Leetah, Redlance and so on and so on

☆ Current attire: Black top, purple pyjama pants

☆ When did you start this account?: September 23, 2009

☆ Number of watchers: 111, but it looks like a good chunk of them are gone. 

☆ What do you post?: porn

☆ Other blogs: No. 

☆ Do you get a lot of comments: AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Well, I used to. But time passes, and you fall in love with a cult sci-fi show from the 90s, and you leave the glamour and popularity that comes with writing filth about two beloved characters in an increasingly well-known fandom to write about obscure shit that will get you 11 views. 
And you feel trapped because you can't go back without any real interest and fire in you, and the fandom is burning out, because everyone found other stuff to obsess over, and these days, a new pic might show up every other week, but then it's over.

And you're worried about where you are, because you can clearly see that your own fandom is drying up after one asshole decided that their hurt feelings out-weighed common decency, and the only thing keeping the blood pumping are a few talented and dedicated artists, and you're so scared that they will end up on the Marvel wave, too, and you'll be there with no one to talk to about the zillion ideas you have for fics that you might not even write.

You lost friends when the fandom craze was over, and you wonder how in the hell you have dared make friends again when you know the inevitable is coming. But you're not ready to move on yet, because you have no footing anywhere else, and you dread starting over, because good lord. 

So you're churning out fics on a site clearly meant for pictures, and try not to stop and think about what you're actually doing. 

☆ Why did you choose this username?: The ED stands for Eternal Dream, which was the name of a band that never got started. Ibenholt is because I think it's a pretty word. 

☆ Tagging: no one ever responds when I tag them, so if you see this and want to try it, have fun. 



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