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Iben's Website

Fri Sep 2, 2005, 8:55 PM
Years of work comes to a culmination.

After years of creating WindowBlinds,Winamp skins,Cursors,Logons, Suites, BootSkins,wallpaper, and working on my website, I reach my first goal.
I have been working to gain the knowledge to be able to offer exclusive material on my website. I am proud to announce my first two exclusive cursor packs for cursor xp.
The Point Metal and The Point Tiedye are available now at Iben's Website.
I have been burning the midnight oil for years to bring my website to the world.
I have just finished giving my website an almost complete overhaul.
After condensing the code for the main page from eleven hundred lines to just over four hundred, I call it a mile stone. I also have condensed the graphics for quicker page renders.
My website has had links to all the creations that I share and some news about what I am up to for quite some time. Now I have exclusive content in the form of two cursor packs, and more to come. Of coerce I will still be uploading the majority of my work to WinCustomize and DeviantArt.

It has been a tremendous learning experience and a better pursuit than watching TV.

I'm adding to my site all the time.
Iben's Website…
Iben's skin site on WinCustomize
Iben Blogging
I just joined deviantart.I'm glad I did.
I'm Happy.
:gallery:Working Hard and having fun !!
My web site.…
I just joined deviantart.I'm glad I did.
I'm Happy.