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MNT: Ninja Kick the Damn Intro - 1
The train station had been transformed over almost two decades into a haven of both beauty and functionality.  Long gone was the chaos of their teenage years with ever changing moods and favorites and tastes.  It had been replaced by the settled comfort of adulthood, of having found their passions and developed them.  Every room was kept neat under the watchful eye of Master Splinter who believed that keeping one's area clean meant keeping one's mind clear and had spent many years teaching such knowledge to his willful boys.  There were expressions of personality all over the place, however.  In the main recreational area, there was a corner for each of the brothers to dominate or share as were their passions.  Donnie had his bank of computers from which he both worked and played, Raph had his weight sets that he magnanimously allowed Mikey to use, Leo had his meditational atmosphere, though he was often driven to Splinter's personal haven to achieve the q
:iconmntlove:MNTlove 13 5
Naga!Axel x Reader Part 6
Axel, who had just gotten back after finding his frisbee, was met by the sight of you about to get eaten by Demyx, which made Axel become filled with rage and as fast as lightning he slithered to your rescue.
Just as you thought that your life would end, Demyx got violently pulled back from you. His coils around you fell limply to the ground. You looked up to see Axel holding Demyx in his coils, glaring daggers at him and looking like he would kill him immediately.
"What the hell are you doing here in my cave?!" Axel hissed furiously.
Demyx had not expected the impact from Axel at all and could just stare with wide eyes and be really scared.
"I-I just slithered by and saw a human in here, s-so I thought I'd do y-you a favour and devour the intruder." Demyx stuttered nervously. He could imagine that flames would burst out from Axel's back at any moment now. He always thought it was scary when the older members of the organization got mad and he'd rather hide if that was possible.
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 51 81
Naga!Axel x Reader Part 5
Your eyes widened in shock as you heard your parents downstairs. You panicked and managed to free your arms from Axel's coils and then shook him awake.
"Axel! Please wake up!" you scream-whispered. "My parents are here!"
Axel moved a bit before he opened his emerald green eyes and looked tiredly at you.
"What now...?" he yawned while mumbling sleepily. "Please stay here a bit longer...You're so warm to hug."
"Look...Axel." you said in a hushed but a really serious tone. "If my parents finds you here, they are going to get crazy and probably call the police or something even worse!"
Finally, Axel got up, still tired as he mumbled something as he released you from his coils. You went out of bed and looked at him.
"I got to go downstairs and keep my parents from coming up here." you said nervously.
"Just hide somewhere where they can't see you."
You then left Axel and hurried downstairs, preparing yourself.
"Hi, mom! Hi, dad!" you smiled happily, trying to hide any nervous expressions on
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 60 48
Naga!Axel x Reader Part 3
The world came back to you as you woke up from remembering your lost memories. You suddenly felt sad. How could you have lived without your childhood friend all those years without even remembering it?
"A-Axel...?" you said, trying not to cry, but some stubborn tears escaped your eyes anyway.
Axel smiled sadly and wiped away your tears carefully as he finally uncoiled you.
"Yes, it is me." he said softly. "Do you remember now?"
You litterally glomped the red haired Naga, unable to speak because of the sadness creating a big lump in your throat. Axel wrapped his arms around you, stroking your back to comfort you. After some minutes you felt that you finally could speak, sort of.
"Why...?" you whispered. "Why did you erase my memory of you?!"
"To protect us..." Axel said, still holding you close to him. "If your parents would have found out the tiniest, suspicious thing about us, they would have freaked out and probably moved away from here with you. It would have been so boring here wit
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 67 17
Naga!Axel x Reader Part 4
You were fighting and struggling for your life in the blonde naga's coils as he lifted you up to the branch he was settled in. If you weren't silenced by his thick tail, you would have been screaming at the top of your lungs for help.
"Hey, calm down!" the blue eyed Naga said in a hushed tone. "I'm not going to hurt you. You're ____, right?"
The sound of your name made you stop struggling. How did he know? You nodded as an answer.
"I'm Roxas and I'm a friend of Axel." he said and removed the coil from your mouth. "He sent me to keep an eye on you to make sure that you're ok."
"Wh-Where's Axel?" you asked as he released you completely after putting you down on the branch.
"Talking to Xemnas, the leader of our group. You shouldn't be out here. You could've been eaten alive."
"Wait...You Nagas....eats humans...?"
Roxas made an uncomfortable face as if he didn't know how he would explain it. Then he sighed and looked at you with truthful eyes.
"It's true...But I would never do anything lik
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 78 124
Naga!Axel x Reader Part 2
Axel gave you a michievous grin and suddenly before you could even blink, he pressed his lips against yours, kissing you passionatly while holding you firmly, but gently. You let out a surprised noise and blushed wildly.
"What have I gotten myself into?!" you screamed in your mind.
~And now the continuation!~
After what seemed like forever, Axel broke the kiss and just looked at your blushing face with a smile.
"It really is you, ____!" he said. "I knew it!"
"What?!" you looked at him, completely confused. "What are you talking about?"
"You don't remember me?"
You shook your head. Axel seemed puzzled for a moment, but soon he beamed.
"Oh, right!" he exclaimed. "I erased your memory of me when we were kids."
Now you looked even more confused than ever. You were just about to question him when he suddenly faced you again. This time, his eyes seemed more shining than before, almost glowing. You couldn't help but staring back into his eyes. Why do you feel so light headed sudd
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 80 11
Naga!Axel x Reader
It had been such a rough day at work today. You were all beat and it hurt in your back and feet so much that it felt like you would fall apart any minute. You worked in an industry and your job was to carry boxes to a machine and other hard work. The worst part was that it was in the middle of the super hot summer, so it didn't get any better working like hell, but now you could finally have your vacation. You hurried home on your bike even though you were tired. The sun was shining, birds were chirping. It was a perfect start on a vacation.
At home you were so happy and relieved. You fixed yourself some (insert favorite food) before you went to your room and picked up (insert favorite book) and went outside. You lived near a tropical forest. It was the perfect place to relax and have some time for yourself in while listening to the sounds of nature. You came to your favorite spot under a large tree and sat down, leaning your back against the tree trunk and began to read. You just mana
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 127 31
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