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Group Info

This group is dedicated to trying to make an anime based on the horror game Ib a possibility. Join up if you feel you have something to bring to the table or want to support the cause ^_^.

Just additional information here about myself:

1. I am by no stretch the biggest Ib fan ever. There is a lot of stuff I don't know about Ib since I did only play the game once and that was about a year ago <_<.
2. I also am not the biggest expert on how to make an anime or anything like that so I will need lots and lots of help if we are going to get this done.
3. What am I actually good at? Writing I'd have to say. I am at least decent at it. I'd like to keep my role as just the writer or at least 1 of the writers for this anime. I'd be fine with doing some leader stuff but I'm not very good about being right on top of things so yeah....
4. I will gladly take any and all criticism into consideration when it comes to the story. I will try to have at least a rough draft up on here for everyone soon. Bear with me please. ^_^;; For now there will be at least a sample of my writing on here so you guys know what you are dealing with as far as skill goes to a degree.
5. Finally thanks for looking, sharing, joining, etc. I really appreciate it and really hope this can actually take off.

((any questions you might have are over on the other widget))
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So what Is going on here?

This sections is all about what we are trying to do and other info.

What is Ib?

For those who don't know what Ib is, Ib is a horror game made on the rpg maker system. The basic plot of the story is a 9 year old girl named Ib (pronounced like eve) goes to visit an art gallery with her parents. While she is there the power goes out and strange things begin to occur. She ends up in an alternate gallery world where she must do her best to stay alive and escape.

((sorry for the bad summary lol))

Anyways if you have more questions about the game here is a link to the game

Also here is the link to the Ib Wiki

What is your goal?

The ultimate goal of this group is to try to make an anime of Ib. Since the story itself is on the shorter side I was thinking an anime movie would be best the course of action rather then a series. Though I played with the idea of having multiple endings viewers can pick to branch off to or to make the story so that Ib perhaps finds a way to try to change everyone's fate. (Basically meaning the original part of the story ends with Ib Alone but then Ib finds some way to redo part of what happened to attempt to save Garry, Mary or both of them). Anyways those details will be worked out as time goes on. ^_^;;

Who are you looking for to help?

People who know what they are doing for starters lol. I don't have much experience with any of this so It'd be great to have any help I can get. Here is a list of what I know we need.

1. A Leader(s) who can stay on top of everything and help make sure everyone is doing what they need to.

2. Artists: All varieties of skills actually because we could always find a way to perhaps get your work into there or a the very least give input on other artists work. (I would think that once we get enough people who are just here to see how we are doing they might help give input to who's style will be the best for the anime.)

3. Animators: Desperately need this or else yeah... It would be best to have at least a couple of good animators so that the work does not fall on the shoulders of one person. From what I know usually cartoons and anime are actually drawn by multiple people to get it done faster and so the work isn't to tiresome.

4. Writers: As much as I'd like to be the sole writer for this I know not everyone will agree with what I write and very well may be much better at telling the story then me. I'd still like to have some input if ultimately I totally fail at this though so anyone willing to put up with that would be nice ^_^;;;;

5. Musicians: Though I was thinking we should use music from the game as well as Vocaloid music. We might need to do covers or other things so Anyone good with music would be greatly appreciated ^_^

6. Voice Actors: At some point we are going to need these so anyone joining up for this we will need auditons at some point and this is much further down the road then anything else ^_^;;; so hope you don't mind the wait.

7. Fans, backers, hype people etc. It would be great to have the support of the Ib Fandom community. If this gets big enough we might have to kickstarter or ask for other sort of help from all the fans. Even if it's just a cheer. We could use help spreading the word of this and perhaps attracting the attention of people to fill in all the other spots I didn't think of. ^_^ I want everyone to be able to take part in this in some way if they can.

Well that's all I can think of now. As people gather here hopefully I will be able to help fill in whatever things need to be answered and what not. Anyways Ib fans I hope we can unite in this. Thanks for reading *thumbs up*
Hey everyone long time no talk. Sadly no progress update since much hasn't happened. But I was wondering who else here listens to Vocaloid music. I came across a song today that was pretty amazing (it sorta reminds me of Kagepro and Ib)

Here is Soraru's cover:…
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