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Knight and Orc (art by MJ Barros)

A commission featuring my OCs Amethyst and Ash, done by MJ Barros. Check them out here:
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Could you give a little backstory about Amethyst and Ash, please?
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Amethyst is a born princess who desires to become a shironuri knight, despite objections that she should stay out of combat. Through training and diligence, she eventually gets accepted and strives to set an example for herself and anyone else who may have similar ambitions to herself.

Ash is a half-orc born with a genetic defect that left the skin around her head with a paler shade than the rest of her body. That combined with her half-breed ancestry ostracized her, but she found a calling as a mercenary fighter. That work lead her to the kingdom that housed the shironuri knights, who employed her as a retainer. Eventually she and Amethyst opened up to one another and found affections for each other.