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Vanishing point

Images obscured by clouded visions
To know you're dreams aren't always clear
Lifeless days gone by
I can't describe the meaning of life,
I can't see why...

In time you'll see
The things you want to see
In time I'll hear
I can remember the time when
the point of view
Vanished from my mind..

Taken away lost in the eyes of tranquliity
Moving closer to the Vanishing Point
Visions and memories I now call my own
The meaning of life is still, still left unknown

Vanishing Point - Vanishing Point

For `LuneBleu who is such a stunning artist, amazing critic and good friend :hug:

And this my little late "Happy Valentine" wish to all of you.

I had totally different image mind for Valentine day but as I did not managed to finish it yesterday and today was already full I had to go to plan B - this lovely fairy image I had been working and I was planning to save it for little more spring time as some weird reason I have been in green and yellow mood in winter..

Anyway - this image.. I most first say. Stock by Elandria.. that elf.. I have wanted to use it from the day I joined DA.. so almost 3 years soon and finally I took my courage and put use to image I have always fancied, seen so many stunning images made for it.. and hope that my image will be worth in the line of that stock use. I am just always so afraid that when I do something with stock images what are important to me I manage to ruin something and lose that special feeling.

And then another special thing. That song. That band was the first one ever being interested of using my artwork and I adore their music.. so what else can you wish.. plus the meaning of that song.. That stunning and magical melody, the question and matter of life, searching the place.. and finding meaning.

While in process, the image had nickname "The Path" and when I had done of it I knew in so many ways it was my vanishing point.. not the path.. that kind of magical and colorful, pure green forest.. for a person who has grown up in the middle of trees, in middle of forest and loving every minute out there in nature.. the freedom, the purpose the forest and nature offers.. it is just indescribable. You have to be the person, go out there.. touch trees with your hands to feel it. The years in trees.. the newness of green... and continuity of evergreen.

For me forest and specially that place where I spend my summers have been very important.. maybe the place in forest, little house in the middle of trees, hardly seen, is more home to me than anything else.. and this is the purpose I keep going every year as I know in the end I will get a change to spend my whole summer on that little house..

But like we all, when there is a winter and everything is grey or white in positive case.. and summer seems to be so far away.. and you just seem to get from one day to another.. and the purpose seems to be lost.. like it is all only to keep going but for what.. then I just have to remember there still is a reason and like in that song.. in the end - life does have meaning and even if is not always so clear it exists and we just have to go.. follow our path to that moment, that point.. where we can vanish and melt into tranquility, be happy.. and maybe that's why I made this green piece now.. (as I wondered first why I made it now.. in the middle of winter).. to remind myself that it will all pass and there is something to wait..

Elandria | crazy-alchemist | JLStock | spiritsighs-stock | spiritsighs-stock | spiritsighs-stock | kriseer | + vines from *FrozenStarRo store [link] | + ribbon and glitter from my stock *Iardacil-stock
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That's an Ikea lantern, I've got the same one.
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Wonderful creation!! Love
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my friends sisters call me a fairy
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Very imaginitive!...Beautiful work!
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Glad you like it
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This is very beautiful!

I came across this today, and I was wondering if I could use it for my blog?
I will of course credit you!
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Beautiful piece of artwork, nicely created!
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I am honored to have featured your lovely piece in my Colors of Christmas journal.[link]
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A lovely piece. Wonderful details. A beautiful job.
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Glad you like it
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Your deviation is featured here ->[link] :hug:
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You are welcome!:hug:
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