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The Eye of the Storm

Details: [link]

For *Morteque "Beauty of Darkness" contest [link]
Edit: got second place

The greatest inspiration for this piece came from Stargate Atlantis. On the first season, there was a episode named "Storm" and "Eye" what both had really gorgeous visual effects of the whole taking storm. I do not know how much you know about the storms, but really strong ones, they have eyes - tens of kilometers at the center where sun shines, it is calm. But outside of it - there is winds blowing very fast, rain and thunder.

So, can you imagine? Endless rain, the wind that almost blows you away. Tornadoes, gales, clouds as dark as the nights. The wind is the only thing you can hear, lightning striking everywhere, the endless motion and no way to stop it. You are in the mercy of the nature.

And then, just when it gets as bad as it can - you see a wall and then... it all stops for a second. You stand there, ragged by the storm, wind and rain. Stand and wonder what just happen - sun shines at your face and makes you hold eyes half-shut. You can feel gentle breeze at your hair as a caress. You have reach to the Eye.

Can you imagine it? Can you imagine the relief you have got for some time. The silence, the warmth and peace. It is probably the most beautiful thing you can ever see and on that moment, the most special thing. It is the real beauty of the darkness - you have made your way from the storm to the eye - to the light and peace.

But this is only temporary. Even thought the eye can be up to 60 kilometers wide, the winds outside may blow many hundred meters in seconds and it can be only instance for you and then you are back on the most horrible experience ever - back on the embrace of darkness. Back at the power of nature where human, as little as we are, cannot do anything to stop it. We can just hope and pray it will past and there is meant to be way out for us.

And if there is, you can keep the memory of that instance what was meant to past inside your mind, and even if you try to explain it to anyone else, there is just no words. There are no way to express that feeling in any language. No way to draw it or paint. That is an experience of a lifetime.

I hope you can little see what I tried to say up.. and see the beauty of that.. even thought of all it's beauty and relief, the eye is really dangerous place and so... is it really a moment you think you have been saved but rather a moment what can be more fatal than the storm itself. The waves, they will always be blown to the center and when they come from all the directions, to the eye... oh.. you can imagine. So, I think it even mores becomes the beauty of darkness, the devilish illusion.

And now little about the reasons I made it:
After I made "Don't you slip away" as a birthday gift for my childhood friend, I have had that kind of.. other people who know my art and me have been making little hints that they want something like that for their birthday... and so, on Friday were the birthday of a lovely girl I met in uni and I think she also hinted, that she would like to get manip as a present.. and somehow, all those people - they love the clinches. It has to be that skirt.. it has to be dark sea side, great clouds.. Like I am on little trap as all the people I have shown my work, majority of them think that "Shadows of Veil of Secrets" is the best one and they all want their own version of that.. So, sorry if this is too dark, not original enough, not my usual style even thought for me.. with the back story you can read before.. it has a really strong meaning, really strong emotion and it is so different.. something I needed to make. Sooner or later, on real storm or the storm's of life - we will make it to the eye.

But I like it. It was so weird to make it first.. I had some kind of vision what I want.. but it is hardly what came out. I knew after I saw those rocks on that this time they will be the "seaside" for me. No beach and waves making there. The model was a nightmare. I tried, I think, three or four models of that stock and they never seemed to fit. I planned to use that one with veil on her hands as it looked stunning but I did not managed to work out with it. I almost had to overpaint most of the skin as I did not wanted to work on so slow scale and when making larger, it was awful. I also had the idea from the moment that I want some ribbons on her back and so glad I found a stock what I needed - exactly what I needed need it fit...

First I planned something misty, mysterious, horizon lost in mist... calmness and peace but after I started to work with sky - it did not worked no other way than really scary, dark and story clouds, so I had to make the water to stormy too and it was the best part of this work. When model was hard work, then sea - it was such a great time playing around different brushes. And I am very happy with it. Thank you, *FrozenStarRo for the brushes as without them, I could not make it.

So, rain, storm.. also some light and visible contrasts. To be honest, hair was the hardest part for me this time. No matter how many times I tried, they looked so weird... and they never fit. And I feel that this new way i draw them in the end - they do not look too good, but they look quite charming and it was fun, in the end, when I managed to draw down the main shape (what was also hard later to make it blend) But it was great to make. I want to make more hair what look like bang of hair.. not to draw every little hair by themselves as then the hair (as mostly on my works) looks quite damaged...

So, I really hope you will enjoy it :)

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