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Inspired by song "Romance" by Apocalyptica (you can listen it here: [link])

First: I know it is different than my usual works.. but I hope you still like it

I think that is probably the most romantic picture I have ever come up with and to be honest, I am not sure what turned it to be like that. I wanted to have a bridge in dark cave, little light and waterfall on background.. I think all that come but it somehow became little different as in the end I felt it was not what I planned - it was much better. My little sister came up with idea that this reminds quite a lot secret meeting of Arwen and Aragorn in Lord of the Rings and to be honest, it is great compliment to think it like that..

The story.. I think for this one, it was the hardest part. The image just came from impulse, I was building it, rock by rock and when I had it.. I had planned a different couple stock but then I found it and it looked so much better - it was not goodbye and end - it was a start, secret meeting beneath the world where their love can not exist. It is a secret place, in the world of magic and wonders, belonging only for two of them. Noone can found them there, noone can hurt them there.. They cannot take that memory. It is moment of hope, new beginnings, secrets vows and promises, giving and taking each other hearts, trusting each other with their life.. and never stopping believing in possibility for their love. They can forbade them, threaten them but you cannot control the heart - it will follow it's own way.. it's own path.. and the path heart takes is true as there is no disguise there..

So keep believing.. keep hoping.. there is right one waiting for all of us..

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Oh woww wonderful! Just perfect.
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Watching this and listening to this:…
Omg they fit together so perfectly
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So pure and honest :)
beautiful piece of art, well done
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Awesome work! Beautiful!
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