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Perfect Storm



Well maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who'd out drew ya
And it's not a cry that you hear at night
It's not somebody who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah...

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

For Sitara-Leota and Confsin as I know they share the love for sea...

This image requires quite well calibrated screen to see all the details. So, if you see it too dark, brighten your screen..

This image was first done for ""Beauty in Emptiness" contest but did not win.. Not that I expected.. Anyway...When I first read about that contest I thought - that's so hard. I have tried so many times but never managed to create image without a model and be pleased with the outcome.. so in first I let it go but somewhere in my mind, it was there.. the challenge. And so when I saw couple of days ago "Perfect Storm", and there was that scene, that poor little boat sailing straight toward the storm.. but still on the calmness, a moment of peace before the rage of the storm will hit them.. And I totally was amazed - it was so beautiful moment, such a stunning score in the background.. just a sky, endless sea and a little ship.. I knew I have to try to make a scene as powerful, as speaking, as striking as that there.. Emptiness, loneliness, and hopeless.. You know there is not much change of coming out from other side, but you still go.. because mankind has faith and hope even in most desperate situations.

But going back to the movie.. It was one of the first ones I saw in cinema.. in first 10 for sure. In fall school holiday I took my sisters and we all went to see it and to be honest, it strike me.. It was very dark movie, very emotional and I cried so much.. and it was the first film in cinema where there was applause in the end.. and for long years, it was the only one.

The way those men there loved the sea.. they way they were risking so much.. but they just could not stop doing it.. the way you just love sea is not describable.. And the storm they are getting themselves into.. To have courage even thinking of it.. To have the faith and to believe.. What a courage..

And then that song.. It played all the time I made it.. and the atmosphere it created.. It was just the right one and when I was almost done and looked to the image, I felt like I can be lost there.. it is a abandoned place, away from everything.. just a sky and sea.. on a endless sea.. a beauty.. and loneliness, solitude, serenity.. what else could you wish.. A feeling I have so many times felt when I have ran to the beach in countryside, sat on the rocks by the seaside, looked the grey rainy sky.. and grey sea.. and being the only people out on that weather.. that is amazing feeling.. and I felt all that when I was done with it..

Sea has always been something special for me. I have grown up near the sea.. always lived neared it.. spent my summers on seaside.. seen it on sun and calm, but also in storm.. in bright colors on sunset.. and endless grey in rainy days.. And the love I feel for sea.. the way I need sea.. as I would not imagine I could keep away from sea for long.. there is a calling I have for it.. A bound..

I have no words to describe the meaningfulness of this work for me. It was first a challenge but while doing the image it transformed to painting out my soul.. bringing in the canvas the one thing that is something I have always loved but never acknowledged how deep and necessary that bound is.

There is no greater beauty than the one what is beautiful for the soul.. A place where soul finds a peace..

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Would you release a high res copy of this for a book cover? I don't see that option in your purchasing or license fees for reproduction.