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Faith of the Heart



It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
Well my time is finally near
And I can feel the change in the world right now
Nothing's in my way
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No there not gonna hold me down

Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

Rod Stewart - Faith of the Heart
(you can listen it here: [link] but it is sang by someone else)

Details: [link]

for =lilyhbp She has been such a great support for me.. with every work.. and great friend.. and.. it is so good to find, from time to time, someone to share some crazy thoughts and have common on some things where many people do not understand me. Thank you, sweety...

It was so beautiful spring feeling on the air.. when I was coming from uni on Monday and whole last lecture.. I had the vision of this image on my head. And it was like.. something suffering - I needed to get out but I had no way to do it on the lecture.. so running home, opening photoshop and starting. As I came from uni quite late, I was only able to spend 7 hours on this work on that day.. and so little by little other days this work has got some improvement and I am quite happy I think.. but also scared.. as I like it.. this work is so special for me.. and I afraid that people may not like it, or they do not understand what I feel towards this work.

So, first you really should read the lyrics. It is so beautiful and strenght giving song... And that was what I needed. A year ago.. on spring, my sister's boyfriend was the first person who gave me this song to listen.. and then I got it to my mp3.. and whole spring last year.. I listened it.. and then forgot.. and last week.. I found it again.. and it brought me back all the sunshine, warmth and hope..

For everyone of us, there are moments, hard ones, and we will feel we are down, and there is nothing to live for - believe me. I have feel it so many times.. and some times are really bad. But there has always been something to bring me back to light. I had some really bad times in autumn 06 and maybe I love the light I found then most - I found art. I had abandoned it for so long then but as everything else was gone - there only remaind me... and then came art.. so for me.. this piece is a journey towards light - journey towards hope. And I am sure she has been lost so long and it has been so long journey for her - she has been trough fire and rain but she is here.. ready to go forward her dreams and noone can stop her - as she believes - she belives there is new beginning, even for people like us. There is hope and anything is possible as long as we have faith. Sometimes there is no need to be big or powerful - a little people, simple people with enough faith can turn the tide. And this is what I have been tring to do. There have been fallbacks.. but I have my strenght.. thanks for those people around me.

So, I am not very good storyteller at the moment - but the point is the title - "Faith of the Heart" You have to have it - believe and then everything is possible. You can reach every star, fulfill every dream. It is all up to you!

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I know this song because of Star Trek: Enterprise.  It really IS inspirational.