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Don't you slip away

There is something in the way
You're always somewhere else
Feelings have deserted me
To a point of no return
So the light fades out
And you're so close to lose it

Don't you slip away from me
It's you I live for
Don't you leave no
Don't you slip away from me

Apocalyptica - Faraway Vol2

Details: [link]

For my dear friend Anu, for her birthday

Over a long period of time, something new. I have missed my art so much but there has been no possibility for me as all my time has gone to studies and it will go this way long. But I managed to stole some moments of borrowed time and create this.

First it did not had to be anything like that. A totally different, totally other idea. All I knew was that it will be my present for the only friend in childhood I have left. I know she loves that kind of dark and fantasy mixture, maybe those works most of us would call cliché, so I took my risk and started one. But on one point, I just was not happy with it as it was - too cliché. Not much original, not much I would be proud of. I did not loved the colors (it was much much more monochromatic) and I almost felt that I am not able to create nothing but luckily I found my way over, changed the idea a bit and instead of rainy desperate scene it became an autumn, full of wind and colors, powerful sky. I needed colors.. I love colors...

What I wanted to portray? Yes, first it was autumn surely. I wanted it to look stormy, windy, cold... All the things I had around me. But I love autumn, the power of nature, trees turning colorful and those storms. I am hopeless dreamer but yes - for me, there is beauty. I wanted to portray that. But it is not only the nature who can be powerful. The full potential of human heart is hardly known and we can do things noone expects from us, if we are despair. So maybe there is that little despair too. As autumn is end of something, part of the circle of year. And I am sure I am not the only one who have lost someone they loved in autumn. So, this is a little bit of trying to hold on of all fading and passing, keep that.

It is about dreams, hopes and keeping impossible, trying to hold what is already gone, stop things we have no power. But do we stop because we know it is impossible? No.. because human nature keeps us going.. keeps us believing.

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Hello!  I've used the title of your lovely piece in a poem here for this :iconthetitlepage: project. Thank you for the inspiring art!
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Thank you for this.
Not really a matter of what this really is, I have to admit - lovely and beautiful though it is as I can´t deny and wouldn´t waste my time trying.

It stumbled into my way at the right moment and although the timing is nothing you provided...
I thank you for giving chance the possibility to throw it in front of me when I needed it.

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The dress is absolutely gorgeous, the whole picture is, I love it.
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So beautiful. The small poem describes the drawing so well, and I could feel the pain coming out of the drawing. You are so talented!!
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Keep it up. From the comments, you have a bright future. And, you have everyones support!
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Thank you so much :D
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seriously how do you do this stuff XX ?????
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Photoshop + my imagination + many many hours
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look at that dress!! all your dresses are wonderful!
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Your work is an inspiration, and not only in painting/photo. This picture is a huge insp. to my writing, thank you :)
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Sweet... :)

One of your best works definitely.
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love it,the dress is really beautiful
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Featured! [link]

If you would be so kind as to :+fav: this article, that would be appreciated. The more favs, the more likely that more people will see it, thus getting your work known. Thanks!

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