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Coup D'etat

Now available as a print

For :iconelestra: who is just such a wonderful girl.. and I was so happy to play with her in a LARP not long ago.. you really made my game much better.. :D

Details: [link]

And many thanks for ~Lareth for some critics and advices.. she is amazing help and has eye for details.. :D

Oh.. I started this image almost a month ago and from then I have been done finetuning and I think finally I am happy with the result. I just felt I have to finish it or I could keep it going forever.

The story is inspired by Stargate Atlantis.. again.. It was summer.. it was rainy.. and there was nothing to do and I was sitting on our little house on country.. where is nothing to do on rainy days and watching Stargate Atlantis again. Totally random some episodes - and I ended up with rewatching all the genii storylines and I got to the epispode "Coup d'etat" and I remember myself thinking... what a gorgeous name and when back in city and school year started.. I was in one lecture, trying to avoid falling in sleep and making little scketches for ideas what I could make and I remembered it once again and the idea was born - I first wanted to have a couple stock and the female will have the dagger and is waiting her change to strike.

But later came the idea of someone in the shadows behind a door where strong light comes, voices inside and she... waiting for a perfect moment. But I could not find the model I would like to use.. I do not know - I felt I need someone who would look striking, who would have the strenght.. would have that kind of different aura.. and when time passed and I just saw this model, I know - this one is for that idea.

So.. now I try to little explain the story. I have always loved history, passed time, stories, legends and how many of them have elemnts where wars and power have been lost by the influence of a woman in one or another way even if in past times woman mostly had no big role in society - it was a world ruled by man but still, on time to time, some woman emerged and had a huge impact on the history and that I tried to portay - the way one person with strong will, vision and strenght can do.

There are so many ways you can turn the tide, change the course of the history, step outside of your destiny and she did it all. She was the daugther of the enemy and from the early days she was taught to be ready for the day long in the future and maybe when she even did not realizied, she was taught all the things she needed to oneday overtrough the kingdom.

Did they gave her a change or asked her if she wishes to do that? I doubt no. They ruled her life, pushed her on the direction it was right for them, married her off to a noble man in the castle and waited her to get the attention of the ruler and with right planning she did all that until she found herself in the favor of the king, in position she could strike. And without asking she did what she was lived all her years. It was her hands what hold the dagger she used... it was her hands that were cover with blood after the lifeless body fell into the floor. She was a perfect tool and they took over the kingdom.

But now she has lived her reason and they had no use of her. They kept her around, they were now in power, thanks to her. But those men never saw her for anything else than her beauty and something to have his side and she had enough of it. She has been well educated, she knows langauges, art, geography, history... she thinks in every way she could be as good as they are and when sometimes she is taken with her lord to the council meetings and she gives her advice, they always laught over her or not even listen - they not even notice her, not even if she is right. And so she had enough of the role she has been put and thought and rise and she decided to take her own faith into her own hand and promised she will be remarked and they will notice her.

She stand there, lurking in the shadows and noone even care what she does but they wish they had as she is there, behind that door, where light flows out into the dark, but there is no way for them to see her but she.. she hears every word they say, every laughter they have. She does not care what happens with her later - they had ruined her life. They needed her to get into to power, to rule the kingdom, to use her as a silent coup d'etat but they never imagined nor thought that she, who was the doom of the last king, their tool, will be their doom also.

Clock on the wall ticks to midnight... big bell on the tower bangs.. and she tickens her hold over the same dagger that cost life of the king.. now it will cost another life...

And I finally managed to make something sessional.. it tries to be autumn.. :)

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A really great picture, you can sense there is something more sinister behind these alluring facade...
Good job! :)
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This awesome artwork has been featured here:…

So adorable art.
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You are welcome. 
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wonderful work !!!
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my great pleasure dear
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:clap: Enchanting...
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Vraiment magnifique !
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i love the rain of petals :) yeah i'm kinda femenist that way, intellegent woman being disregarded as un-equal by thick men who think if they're woman ther intellegance doesn't matter. good for her & her revenge >:) sweet, beautiful revenge
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Amazing. Just amazing. Poor girl, but you are right. Legends and even history itself has been very much influenced by women.

Great piece. Beautiful emotion.
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