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Catching the dream

By Iardacil
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Can you hear the sirens resound?
from the coastline of Ireland tonight
it's the song of a promising heart
of the souls that the ocean unite

And she stands by the window alone
staring into the rain
she is trying to guide his way home
from the waters that keep them apart

So she lights up a candle for hope to be found
captive and blind by the darkness around
firm as a mountain, she never will mourn
timeless awaiting the break of dawn>/i>
Kamelot - A Sailorman's hymn

Larger work: [link]
Tutorial how I made it: And tutorial how I made it: [link]

This work is for and I don't use to dedicate works for two people but this time there is an exception. They both are just so fantastic people and this work.. this just has two curse.. I ended up with two different images, for two different people with two different lyrics(yes, read carefully, they are not the same :))With two star on that work.. and I guess there is much much more that has a connection with two.

Two meaning of this work:
*Sailorman's Hymn part: It is about waiting. Being the one who can never be sure that her beloved will return. Sit on the darkness on those stormy lonely nights, look out and wonder where he might be. The sadness, the sorrow and fear. I could almost feel the cold room, that frightening storm outside when I listen that song and watch my result. And the way the model looks.. That long yearning in her eyes, her pose... And those candles... to protect him, to guide him home... And eyes looking straight forward to the sea. Hope to see that familiar shape of his ship...
*Catching the dream part: That shooting star.. I know, but here they say, that when you see a shooting star, make a wish and it will come a true. And imagine that this is the night before the end of the year. And she is waiting, not only her beloved one to return, but for the new and better year. We all most have hope and in some weird reason we think always that new year will be better. So, it would be a great sign in the night when year end, to see shooting star and make that wish - to catch her dreams, to have a better year than the one what will end... To follow her path, to find her place... But the sadness in her eyes and feebleness in her pose betray that she is too tired.. about all of that waiting, worrying.. But still, hope is there.. a bright sparkle for a moment and then gone...

It was yesterday, when I came from my last exam this winter and knew that now I have brake for 1,5 week and I haven't done art for so long. I step out from bus and my mp3 started to play that song(not the one you could find on Forth Legacy album. Live album version is much, much better). And this little walk I had from there to home I knew what I will do. I have wanted to use that model so long and the image rise in my mind - the window, darkness around, many-many candles... And here is the result.. Did like.. from 12 AM until end of the day.. and today some correction, flattened and.. (you don't want to know how many layers I had.. 64 was the last number but some of I named so..) Turning that time I forgot to eat my lunch and when I rise from my chair to go and take some stock as I couldn't found needed images, I just.. almost fainted.. You cannot forget to eat.. (I ate 7 AM and.. then.. 5PM Bad girl :P) Luckily I had no change to miss my dinner.. Parents are useful :)

+ sxc.hu + some personal stock done on the process
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When I saw this, it took my breath away


It is absolutely beautiful
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Thanks.. I'm really happy with this work too :D
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You're a romantic girlie! This work proves it. :D

It's romantic, warm and melangholic. I love it! The lonely ship under the moonlight in the cold, the view trough the window seems to be a view into the girl her mind. The room is so warm and cozy, but through the window we see a cold and much harsher place. She's waiting for a beloved to return to her.

Again, I love this piece. :hug:

(just wish her face wasn't blurry)
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:) The face is blurry as I worked in much higher resolution than the model was. I fixed it little bit but it is still it is notable :)
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Darkness-in-the-lensProfessional Photographer
I really like it:aww:
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:D I like the view from the window..
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Darkness-in-the-lensProfessional Photographer
ya that is really awesome to:aww:
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I Love both of these!!!!!!
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Thank you for using my stock !!
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It was really handy and what I needed :D
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Wow beautiful work!!!:)
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Again, this is just amazing, and I really adore it. You already got my big explanation on the other piece, so you know all that, but it goes to the same for this one of course. Thank you so much for dedicating these, I feel so incredibly honored! They're beautiful.
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I'm just happy I managed to bring something good in your day :D
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Beauty detail :aww:
Iardacil's avatar
Thanks.. so glad you like this one :D
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You're welcome ;)
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