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Carousel - Final?


You decide!

Carnival Carousel (Daz)
Forest cyclorama (Daz)
Daz Skeleton
free cowboy hat (Rendo)
Age of Armor Fog Camera
Mystery 'Cluedo' item :)

Thanks for looking and comments / tips are ALWAYS welcome

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Ian x
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I like it a lot. Like the fact its much close and the fog is still visible but less. Great job Ian.
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Thanks so much, i would have preferred the fog to be a little denser at the back, just a question of tweaking the distance on the camera i think :)
SimonJM's avatar
Where's the candlestick? :)
IanTP's avatar
can't u see it? oh, er.... ahem... scrabbles around, i'm sure its there somewhere.... :oops:
SimonJM's avatar
LOL, oh ... there it is! :)
IanTP's avatar
so is it a final, do you think?
SimonJM's avatar
I think so. Though ... having said that. Got to wonder what it'd be like if Mr Skellington had something like a pack of cards? Maybe a bit cliche ridden but him holding up a suitable Tarot card might be fun?
IanTP's avatar
maybe next time, would have to be a normal playing card tho!

Stockings on the way...... ;)
SimonJM's avatar
I look forward to both :)
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