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Deadpool Super Smash Bros. Moveset by Hyrule64 Deadpool Super Smash Bros. Moveset :iconhyrule64:Hyrule64 7 1
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Yoshi Island
“That is one weird looking dog.” said Pit.
“That’s Poochy. An ally of Yoshi.” said Viridi. “Don’t let his doopy look trick you. He’s immune to impalement and lava.”
“He is?!” Pit smiled. “Maybe he could be a part of team Star Dog.”
“Did I forget to mention he’s not the brightest?” asked Viridi. “You can ride him, but he’ll only go the direction you’re facing, really fast, in a slow, uncontrollable, screen-scrolling level.”
“Well that won’t be good. Is he part bloodhound?”
“No, but that sniffer is as good as Yoshi’s. He’ll lead you to a spot to ground pound that will make fruits or platforms pop out.”
“So with my fighting skills and good looks, along with Poochy’s nose and speed, we’ll be unstoppable against the invading Dingo competition!”
“Pit, what are you talking about?”
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 3 6
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Kid Icarus part 1
Kid Icarus part 1
"We're seriously doing our game next?" asked Pit.
"Looks like we have to introduce some more common characters now." said Palutena.
"Well I just hope whoever's going to be season regulars; it's not our last bad guy."
"Hello Pitty Pat."
"Oh come on!" Pit sat down irritated. "Hades, go home! You're a spoiler."
"Oh please, who haven't heard of me already?" Hades taunted. "Besides, who can hide this handsome troll face?" Hades looked up into the heavens. "Oh Pretty Palutena. Mind telling Pitty Pat here my attacks?"
Palutena sighed. "Whatever … Pit. Be careful of his standard attack, he will throw one Underworld minion at a time."
"You mean like King Dedede?"
"Yes, but the Underworld Army is more affective."
"That's an understatement." said Hades.
"He will throw in Miks, Specknoses, Komaytos, and Uranoses."
"Hold right there. This is a Nintendo game!"
"I don't get it." Said Pit.
"Also watch out of his Final Smash
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 4 2
Mature content
Deep Strange Journey Redux :iconmysticletterq:MysticletterQ 8 1
Mature content
What was in that Drink? :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 15 2
Last Minute Gifts (Slime TG TF Fusion)
Dell finished unwrapping all of his gifts Christmas morning, save for one. It was a small silver box with a ribbon hastily tied around it, and a small tag attached. It read, "From West, sorry, this was sorta last minute." Dell shrugged and pulled the ribbon off, before taking the lid off. Inside was a large orb of brownish slime.
"Um..." Dell looked at it for but a moment before it wriggled to life, and dived at his face. Dell let out a small yell of shock, but the slime over his snout muffled the sound. It slowly started morphing to fit the shape of his snout however, and Dell found he was able to breathe again. The slime however, started to spread, and his vision was momentarily heeded until the slime once again adapted to the shape of his face. The slime began to creep up his antlers as well. "Hey! Not the antlers!" Dell said, trying to stop the slime with his hands. It simply spread onto them as well. He tried to shake it off, and could only feel as his antlers became slimy version
:iconwestenwurt:Westenwurt 14 0
Mature content
Mermaid fun :iconybema:ybema 11 1
Mature content
Mermaids :iconanimefan-279:Animefan-279 38 2
Even Heavier Floats - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru
Mature content
Even Heavier Floats - Marauder6272 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 81 6
Heavier Floats - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru
Mature content
Heavier Floats - Marauder6272 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 69 4
Heavy Floats - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru Heavy Floats - Marauder6272 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 57 2 Amy Rose - Human form by 2ble-ZZ Amy Rose - Human form :icon2ble-zz:2ble-ZZ 378 43
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Animal Crossing 1
Animal Crossing part 1
Tom Nook
"Palutena. Who's the raccoon?"
"That's Tom Nook." answered the Goddess of Light. "And depending on where you live, he's either a raccoon or a tanuki."
"A raccoon or a tanuki?" Pit rested his chin on his fist. "Is 4kids back in business again?"
"Thankfully no, but Tom Nook is going to be quite an opponent, for your wallet."
"Why do you say that?" The concern Pit asked, holding his wallet.
"He runs the only shop in the/your/other people's village."
"Wait, what was that?"
"His shop is the only place where you can buy tools, furniture, wallpaper, rugs, anything that doesn't involve clothes. He also runs mortgages as well. You can say he monopolized the whole place."
"O.K. but at least I don't live there, where or whatever you said about it."
"I'm sorry Pit." Palutena said with a smile. "I assigned you to that specific location. Now you'll have to work for Tom Nook to pay off your new house's d
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 2 0
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda
"Another pirate! So is her name Captain Ketchup?"
"Tsk Tsk Tsk. You should show this pirate more respect." said Viridi. "But don't expect any respect from me. Her name's Tetra, a captain of a bunch of pirates."
"At her age?" asked Pit. "But something seems familiar with her."
"Ignore that." said Viridi. "Living as a pirate has made her quick and deadly. She can jump higher than you and strike with her sword."
"Hey Viridi, can I make a Tetris joke?"
Princess Ruto
"Hey Palutena, there's something wrong with this fish."
"Pit, she is Princess Ruto. Ruler of the Zoras." said Palutena.
"Zoras. She doesn't look like a Zora."
"What do mean?"
"Well aren't they supposed to be more monster looking, and green? And shouldn't they be Link's enemies?"
"Pit." Palutena took a deep breath. "This involves that multi-time line."
"Oh, that." Pit realized. "So how much do you understand?"
"Well Ruto's form is the firs
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 3 2
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
"O.K. I'm ready to face the representative for Final Fantasy!" Pit said; eager to face his new challenge.
"Pit … That's not him." Palutena spoke.
"What are you talking about? He's on the cover." Pit held up a case for the game. "See, Final Fantasy Veee"
"Those are the roman numbers, Pit. It says 8." Palutena sighed. "You bought the wrong game."
"Wrong game?" Pit looked at the gunblade wielding man. "Right …. That other guy was blonde. So who's this?
"I'm just going to make this short." Palutena said. "Each Final Fantasy game is just like a different Marvel comic series."
"Really, but then why is he here?" Pit pointed at Squall. "What the heck's happening?"
"Newsflash!" said Hades. "The author accidentally downloaded the next game with this wannabe emo."
"Shut up!" shouted Viridi.
"Are you serious?" Pit groaned as he collapsed to the ground. "So he has little to know information about Final Fantasy
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 3 0
Smash Bros. Palutena's Guidance: Wario
Chapter 5: Wario
Captain Syrup
"So I'm up against a pirate this time." Pit glared at Captain Syrup with determination.
"Her name is Captain Syrup, she-"
"Syrup?! Bah ha ha ha!" Pit continued to laugh until Palutena pointed something out.
"She took your arrows."
Pit stopped and looked at his weaponry. "How did she.." He looked at Captain Syrup who was just standing around. "But I have an infinite amount."
"She is an old nemesis of Wario. They first met when Wario traveled to her island called 'Kitchen Island' to steal all the treasure."
"Kitchen Island? Any other puns?"
"Her ship is called the S.S. Tea Cup."
Pit smirked. "So anything I need to know?"
"She was only in three games. The last one was 'Wario Land: Shake it'."
"Another obscure character. Remember when we were once like that?"
"Do not …. Remind me!"
Ashley and Red
"Who's that girl next door living in the haunted mansion?" Pit sung to himself. "You'd better learn my name, 'cause I am Ashley!
:icongojiracipher:GojiraCipher 2 1



399 deviations
668 deviations
Last time I talked about how the fandom can stop the war, but now I think it's time to analyze Gamefreak's take on this subject, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. A lot of people are confused whether it counts as a spin-off or main series game, I personally don't give a damn about this debate since this is Gamefreak's attempt at restoring the timeline. In other words, genwunners are stuck on the non-mega universe, newgenners are stuck on the mega universe, and allgenners are stuck on the Rainbow Rocket universe. Thus the only way to stop the war is to reunite the the multiverse.

Now, keep in mind that this is just speculation. It's possible that none of this will happen in Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, but if it does, then it could serve as a satifying conclusion to Pokémon's dual-version era. Which means that the 2019 Pokémon RPG won't only be the start of generation 8, but also the start of a single-game era. Either way, here's how the potential story for the first Pokémon Switch Games would be.

1)  A plot that focuses on time travel: One of the most popular spin-off series of the franchise is Mystery Dungeon, the second entry of this series, Explorers of Time and Darkness had a big focus on time travel. Especially going back to the past, which could also happen in the Let's Go games. You and your partner pokémon have traveled back to the past in order to save Kanto from an impending disaster, the damage was caused by a poison-type snake legendary not native to Kanto. The poison-type legendary itself comes from another region. A region based on Sri Lanka where gen VIII would take place.

2) Your main goal is to erase Rainbow Rocket from existance: Now I'm gonna explain what caused the disaster. Like I said, the legendary only caused the damage. In other words, the legendary was the weapon. The disaster itself on the other hand was caused by Rainbow Rocket, more specifically Giovanni. He's the real mastermind behind this disaster. In order to save the Pokémon world, you must erase Team Rainbow Rainbow Rocket from existance. How can you do that? By killing every evil team leader. Since the leader always tell the team what to do, that would suggest that if he or she was killed, the team would automatically be disbanded. However, Rainbow Rocket is the combination every evil team from generations 1 through 6. Which means that every single evil team leader needs to die. After defeating the seven gyms, you'd obviously face-off against Giovanni. Once he has no more Pokémon left, the game shows a cutscene of your last pokémon standing killing him. After Giovanni dies, the next region is obviously Johto. Defeat all 8 gym leaders from generation 2, and you're done with Let's Go's Kanjoh arc. Once you get to the Hoenn region though, this is where the version differences take play. In fact, the most significant version differences are found in the Hoenn arc. In the generation 3 games, there are two evil teams, Magma and Aqua. Team Magma is led by Maxie, while Team Aqua is led by Archie. The order you kill them is different between versions. In Let's Go Eevee, Archie has to die before Maxie. However, in Let's Go Pikachu, it is reversed, Maxie has to die before Archie. Eventually you'll complete the Hoenn arc and head to Sinnoh. Meaning, that the next one on the killing list is Cyrus. After the Sinnoh arc is complete, you have to travel to Unova and kill Ghetsis. And finally you go to Kalos and kill Lysandre.

3) Merging three timelines back into one: Once you complete the main goal, your character gets teleported to a mysterious empty void. Then Arceus appears and tells you that this place is the link between the multiverse. Then your counterparts from the other universes appeared, meaning that they were also summoned by Arceus. He tells the three of you that you have to stop the paradox Giovanni caused, in order to do that, the three timelines must be fused back together. Arceus and Ultra Necrozma use their powers to combine Ultra Space and the pokémon world together, creating a large explosion that merges all three timelines back into one. However, that also fuses the three player characters into one.

4) Teasing generation 8: Once the new player character wakes up, s/he realizes that not only are Ultra Beasts and regular pokémon living in the same world, but also humans and pokémon are living together in harmony. All of the evil teams have been erased from history, the Pokémon world is finally at peace. Then, your character decides to explore a new region. This is the region based on Sri Lanka that I mentioned earlier. Once the player character goes to this new region, the camera rotates to the sky and 6 pokéballs appear forming four O's and the number eight, then the background fades to black and more letters appear and you see the phrase "Generation 8: Coming Soon".

5) How the Let's Go games portray the generation war: Now that I explained the lore of the Let's Go games, I'm gonna compare how they match up to the generation war. Giovanni represents the genwunners, while the rest of Rainbow Rocket represent newgenners. Team Rainbow Rocket itself represents the idea of both sides joining forces to ensure that the pokémon community is always in a state of war, represented by the timeline split. The player character represents allgenners, fans that believe every pokémon generation is unique in its own way. They don't believe a "perfect game" exists, which is true. Every game has its flaws, whether it comes to glitching issues or badly designed pokémon. The player killing each evil team leader is symbolic of both sides of the war realizing that they're not true fans due to the other generations not being given the same amount of respect. The three timelines combining into one is a symbol of the war ending at a stalemate, neither side wins, but if a war is pointless, that's the best way to end it. The three player characters fusing together represents both sides of the war joining forces with the allgenners in order to fight the greater evil. Why would the universe reboot itself at the end of the game? Because like I said in the beginning, this is the start of a new era, the single-game era. Meaning that the Let's Go games are the last game of Pokémon's dual-version era, in other words, that makes it another gen VII game. What does the number 7 represent? Completion, or the end of an era, which is synonymus with death. The number 8 on the other hand represents infinity, which is synonymous with either resurrection or rebirth, in other words, Pokémon has been reborn into a new era. The answer to life and everything is 42, if you split that number into its individual digits and add those digits together you get 6, and then you multiply that six by seven you get another forty-two. Now take that other 42 split into its digits, multiply the digits and you get 8, then take that eight and turn it on its side, you get the infinity symbol. Bottom line, life never ends, just like how Pokémon should never end.


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Kamen Rider Primal - PremiseIn New York City, the great Bio-Geno Institute has for many years been conducting experiments on whether or not it is possible to perfectly combine human DNA with animal DNA, in an attempt to find ways of help people who are either sick or disabled. In a recent breakthrough discovery about the deeper structure of the DNA strain, the odds of the company’s scientists finally being able to crack the secret of making a super human might seem better now.
At the same time, the Bio-Geno Institute’s main rival, Savage-Tech Labs, have been conducting similar experiments, but with not as much success as their rival. So when the news came out of the Bio-Geno Institute’s DNA discoveries,  the Savage-Tech Labs hired a spy to infiltrate the labs and steal the DNA documents. The spy succeeded in stealing the documents, unaware that Bio-Geno Institutes had a back-up of the documents, so they could continue with their research. But that was no concern for Savage-Tech Labs, becaus
Kamen Rider Feline - PremiseIn ancient Egypt, there once reigned a supernatural race of evil beings known as the Death Fangs, who lived on the youth of mortal creatures. These demonic beings ruled in Egypt for thousands of years, until a mighty warrior came and banished them to the Inferno, where they remained locked in for more than 2000 years.
But now, in the year 2018, the Death Fangs have managed to break free, and have turned their attention to the modern cities, to feed on the youth of every human being on the planet.
And then, in the town of Lion Wood, when a young news journalist, named Elisabeth ”Elisa” Clawer, investigated a rumour about the cosmetic company Youth Care being involved in a scandal, she discovered the terrible truth… The Youth Care company was working together with the Death Fangs, who used the company’s skin care products to steal the youth energy from young female humans. She got plenty of pictures, depicting the monsters, but unfortunately, she was caught by the
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