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Today, I'm proud to announce the launch of my new monthly column on MakingComics.com, called Just Make Comics. (Read it to see what that simple title is all about.)

In the first installment, "Get the Project Started" I practice what I preach by doing two important things-- Doing some actual writing, and starting to look for an artist collaborator for the column.

Yes-- as announced in the column, I am looking for an artist partner for short comics and illustrations to complement the written portion of the column every month. Just to show how dedicated I am, I'm conducting the whole process before your eyes. If I fail, the second installment won't have any visual component, so I'll live or die by my own advice here.

I'll be writing advice on just making some damn comics, and I'd like to work with an artist to illustrate my points and show sample short comics. Some installments may even be purely in comics form. If you're interested in a regular monthly gig, never more than two pages a month (often less) hit me up with your portfolio and a clever comment.
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Looking forward to reading these articles. Good luck with the artist search
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Hi, I'm interested too, here it is the link no my DA page [link]
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Good grief, I wish I had time for this! Why don't you alternate artists?
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To be honest, because I have learned that working with more artists is harder to juggle. (To illustrate-- Wither Black Label Comics #2?)
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Bummer. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I dont' think I could do this regularly either.
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only a few pages a month?
good for portfolio?
and educational?
I'm interested in doing this
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That was fast. Note sent. :)
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usually i always discover stuff way too late
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