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Queen of Night

March 15th, 2009
Model and MUA: Kaitlyn Cross - =KaitlynxCross
Photographer: `ian-x
Assistant: *theadacat
Location: CoverShot Photography Studio - Lawrence, MA

This is my favourite image, among many from a fantastic first day shooting with a great new model. I'm very pleased to introduce Kaitlyn Cross. (You'll be seeing a lot more of her in my portfolio.)

This image is from favourite set of the day. In fact, this may be my favourite series ever-- certainly in the top three. How many ways can I say it, I'm just so happy with this photo.

I'm comfortable saying this is my favourite image (of mine) of the last year. If you're thinking of promoting me, or featuring me in any way, this is the one image I'm not ashamed to ask for help spreading around.

UPDATE: This photo was used as inspiration for a character that appears briefly in Issues #0 and #1 of #thedeathlings and her own original short story in an upcoming issue of #BlackLabelComics, so in a way it's double-reverse-cosplay. (The photo came first AND there's no costume!)

Note: Most prints of this image do not have my logo, but some of the schwag does. The prints feature should show it accurately for each piece.

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i love the light & shadow on this piece, looks very professional, simple and will defiantly appeal to the emo boys. but the model looks like shes dieing of starvation. you could maybe try the same thing with a slightly bigger model.
also, i would love to see more blood rolling down her stomach, to give it a bigger impact, or even every thing but the blood black and white. i have been experimenting with this a little and i do love the effect, and think this would benefit from it. i have ideas pouring out me now for this photo.
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I'm sorry sir, but this woman is yet another example of a pressured female wanting to be unhealthily slim. and what is commonly classed as size zero. Where as the deviation is top notch. You are an absolutely blind ignorant stereotype and i would kindly ask that you post a healthy female who isn't puking up her food to be this thin. I have friends who stay in shape, and it is possible to have some shape of her bone structure, but not all of her ribs and hips and everything which should be at least a little covered by healthy skin tissue and muscle fibre.


I'm a respectful male that isn't thinking with a magazine brain and his giblets. TREAT WOMEN WITH SOME DAMN RESPECT PIG!!!!
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Thank you for your critique, but I wanted you to know that I have marked it as unfair-- Saying that the model "looks like she is dying of starvation" is inflammatory and insulting to the model.
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i dint mean to insult her, but she has nothing to her.
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that is awesome work! 
This model has a beutiful body, and you've captured it in such a beautiful pose. This is by far my favorite of this model.
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Thanks. It's mine too. :)
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OMG hasn't she been on TV or something?
IanStruckhoff's avatar
heh. Now that I know of. ;)
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lol I just tthough I heard her name somewhere before or something :P
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So beautiful !
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Thanks. This photo is one of my favorites, and the model is fantastic!
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Just... beautiful:heart:


"The body is a big sagacity, a plurality with one sense, a war and a peace, a flock and a shepherd." ~Friedrich Nietzsche
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I like the lighting and composition, the shadows are perfect, and the details of her skin really come through. Very well done overall. I also like the fact that this particular pieces is both a little bit sinister and beautiful.
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Thank you so much! :)
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so nice... like this very much
This is adorable, everything is nice and the body is just perfect :D
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Thanks. I owe it all to the phenomenal model.
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