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Jade Empress of Masks -DD-

UPDATE: Oh wow. I was not expecting THIS-- I woke up today to discover this photo is a DD. Thank you so much to my dear friend and colleague *ManuelaSoriani and to ^cosfrog, I am flattered and humbled.

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April 12th, 2009
Model: Lydia ~x-lydia-x
MUA: Krystal Gail Makeup FX
Hair: Krystal Gail and Lydia
Assistant: Caracal *theadacat
Location: CoverShot Photography Studio - Lawrence, MA

Series: Jade Empress of Masks
For the first in this series, see [link]

This series is a bit different from my usual style, but I would say it's still within my range. I am glad to see people enjoying this, I wasn't sure how it would be received.

This is one of my favourites from the series. I hope you enjoy them all.

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Definitive The Sequence Blow Me In All My Senses... Looks Likes A Wonderfull And Sofisticated Dance.

The Model Looks Adorable Meanwhile Light And Shades Arround Sculpt Her For Each Of Us Likes Captivity Beholders Of This Art... A Big Step From The Dagerotipos Until The Must Modern Digital Cameras... Seducing Us With The Effort And The Talent Of Both, The Photographer And The Model In A Kind Of Complicity Indeed Among Them.

My Words Can Be Clumsy And Includes Missundertood By My Own Ignorance, But At Least I´m Honest An Can Tell You Both, You And The Model Is A Charming And Adorable Sequence That What You Made Posible. Now Is Something What Can Be Preserved And Apretiated By That Incredible Quality For A Longest Time Once And Again Anytime We Seen Those Pictures.

The Art Becomes A Colective Experience, The Art Becoming An Interactive Phenomena Trought The Minds And Feelings Of A Lot Of People, Raising Includes Our Souls And Producing A Memorable Effect From Our Eyes At The Heart And Making Beat Our Souls Or Making We Burst In Tears By A Common Feeling.

Network... Internet... And Deviant Art Conecting With Wireless Conections Giving Us This Experience And Posibility Of The Art Be Apretiated Anywhere For All... Critics Or Not! But Specifically In My Case I Prefers Say Or Think Is Just An Apretiation And A Clumsy Comentary... Thaks You Very Much And Please Continue Sharing That Work And Not Forget Gives My Congratulations At The Model...
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Well, to start off, the logo is a bit distracting... but must be there... so moving on.

The subtlety of the colors is the first thing to ease the viewer in. The "Jade" tonality works wonders, with lighting that is just right. This is emphasized even more through quite an astounding job from the part of the make-up and hair.

I love the small touches you can see all over the image. A little here, a little there, small things you need to pay close attention to, prior to understanding why you fell a magnetic draw to the image.

The model's expression, her stare, seems to engulf you in a haunting sensation. The pupil, the tilt of the head, and (again) the subtle lips. There's plenty of room for interpretation, and that is something wonderful.

I do have one small issue however, with everything working, the top part of the hair, the one touching the edge of the frame, seems to be neglected. I am referring to the "c-shape" blue part. It does distract, drawing the eye upwards, and yet the most interesting part of the image, is lower. It would have been better, either completely without it, or more of it, so as it does not appear like an afterthought.

Bravo. I applaud the effort, creativity and skill. This is one to last a long time.
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Ohw, it's just beautiful *-*
can not say more.
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Wow... I mean like wow... Im simply amazed.. If I don't favourite this.. I will its... Just so... Dam Amazing... Very very amazing job.
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I love the colors - a great picture - love it
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I really like everything about this piece.
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You're welcome.
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Beautiful as well.
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The lace is a beautiful feature for this.
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Honestly I just think the colors are cool.
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Oh wow, this looks so lovely, I love the green!
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Thanks! I was always more partial to the other photos from this set, but this one gets more attention because of the DD. ;)
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It really is a great photo, really it is :D
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wonderful! when ever I scroll past her eye, I feel like she blinks, so I have to scroll back up to check.
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