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FAILSAFE - Page 17 Colors

Writer: Ian Struckhoff (`ian-x)
Artist (Pencil, Ink, and Color): Ryan Cody (~ryancody)

You can pre-order FAILSAFE now via our Kickstarter Page. Please check it out and help support indy comics! Pre-order and fundraiser end Midnight (EDT) Friday September 2nd!

FAILSAFE is a one-shot comic written by me, with art by Ryan Cody. (~ryancody). Remember, if you like this page, please tell Ryan too!

Page 16:

Page 17:

We're sharing this as a peek into the process of creating the comic. This final update is the colors for Page 17!

The intoxicating Nebula Sirens are rumored to have lured many captains before her to their deaths, but Penny Laertes is determined to be the first to make it through their territory unscathed. With only an unflappable computer and a photo of her wife to keep her focused, she takes every precaution to prevent their influence-- but in setting up these failsafes Penny may have finally outsmarted herself!
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© 2011 - 2021 IanStruckhoff
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I like it. It is really good. I forgot I was on deviant art for a second and was like... What comic am I reading? ha ha
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Hehe. Excellent!
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This is pretty damned slick.
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Thanks. I'm really pleased, thanks to Ryan's wonderful artwork.
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damn thats gorgeous! :D
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Dude is good, huh?
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