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Deathlings no. 0 Cover

The cover for the Indy Comic Book Week Edition of Issue #0 of The Deathlings. This cover is featured in the printed preview issue, as well as in the webcomic preview over on

NOTE: I am not the artist, I am the creator/writer. Please, if you like this, share your praise with the artist, *MischievousMartian !

The Team:
Writer/Creator/Letters: Ian Struckhoff (=ian-x)
Cover Artist: Reuben Negron (~cobotenuss)
Variant Cover: Yasmine Putri (*MischievousMartian)
Line Artists: Manuela Soriani (*ManuelaSoriani) and Michela Da Sacco (*MichelaDaSacco)
Color Artist: Juri Hayasaka (*jurithedreamer)
Logo: =ian-x with ~iluvwritin

For more information on buying this issue, please visit [link]

Updated July 27th, 2010 with our new trade dress.
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Great work! I really like the dark style. Do you post your scripts or pitches anywhere? I'm a "wannabe" comic writer as well.
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I love this image. Imaginative and brilliantly executed.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Yasmine is incredibly creative. If you haven't already, check out her gallery.
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Freakin' awesome!
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you're absolutely welcome ;)
ez4me's avatar
perfect! If I had the time I'd love to do a cover or something. very inspiring
IanStruckhoff's avatar
All of my current projects have cover artists, but if you ever find the time to do a pinup or a mini-comic, let me know! :)
ez4me's avatar
pinups i always have time for. send me a link to some of your characters.
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Can you drop me a note with your email? I can send you a Google Doc link to a page that organizes everything nicely so you won't waste time digging. :)
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note on the way
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Great stuff. I think that logo is really sweet. Wish more people took the time to work out better logos.
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You just made my day. Seriously.

Thank you. I'm really proud of the book, thanks 99.44% to the artists.

I also worked hard on the logo (it's not a strength). Since I wasn't sure it was readable enough, it's great to have someone with your eye say nice things about it.
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This cover is beyond cool!!! True work of art! :)
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Thank you so much!
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Oh wow I love it! One of my favorite photos was the one of your model looking at pictures of herself, and I also Really love how this one came out! super~
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Someone else pointed out another photo this one seems to parallel-- the ones of Ayame writing her name in Japanese script in ink on paper. I don't think she knew of those photos, though.
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this is great ian reallly the idea was Great :)
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The concept for the cover came from *MischievousMartian-- I think she did a great job of visualizing the basic ideas in the story! I'm glad you agree.
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yeah i love that cover art, very original and non-conventional, but then again so is your comic series right?;-)
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thanks-- I hope other people see it the same way. :)
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