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Crow Witch - Ayame

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This is one of my favorite photos ever. It features one of my best models, Ayame, perfect in the role. This is an ongoing series, which you will see here variously titled "Crow Girl", "Huginn", and "Muninn".

What's really cool is that this character went from roleplaying games, then evolved through the story I've been telling in the photos, and is now the core character of my comic book Huginn & Muninn from #BlackLabelComics with art by :devjonathanwyke:.

It's interesting to me that, even after quite a long time, this is far and away my favorite photograph ever, and is very well-received by many of the people who I have shown it to, but it isn't particularly popular on here.

With the new policy of allowing artists to suggest themselves for DDs, this is the one I would put forward-- but I think that policy is for people who have had trouble getting noticed, which isn't a problem I have had.

This image was in my first show, it is on the flyers for that show, it is on my business cards, it is even my desktop background. I like it a lot. heh.

The most common response, and certainly my strongest, is that this image looks like a movie poster. I find myself saying "I wish I could see the movie that this poster is for!" I think that detachment is what allows me to be so (immodestly) fond of this image.

X: This photo is featured in my first book, "X". For more information, or to order, visit this [link] .

AFFORDABLE POSTER Send me a note to order a 18" x 24" poster of this image for just $12 plus $5 shipping.
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Man I love this photo too and I remember the "Huginn & Muninn" series. I was going to ask if that was still going on for you these days because I'd like to see more.
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I like the way shadows hide half her face, very mysterious....
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You're welcome ^-^
VelCake's avatar
This is fantastic. Really powerful shot:o
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thank you so much! It means a lot when people comment on this one, since it's one of my two personal favorites of all of my work. (And it's the one with no bewbies.)
Beautiful, just beautiful.
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Thank you. This one is a personal favorite of mine. :)
mastersphotography's avatar
absolutely gorgeous! i can see why its your favorite! she captures u and draws u in! well done!
mercedesbird's avatar
Definitely amazing, and I love the slight bit of warm color in the background as a contrast.
one-of-the-wolves's avatar
Hey, mr. X, that's a beautyfull one!
StefaniaRusso's avatar
I really light the effect of dark and light..... She's misterious...
Beautiful! :heart:
dfw-boy's avatar
I'm really digging what you've done here!

I think your theme has been caught wonderfully. You've caught that mysterious look very well, the light and shadow play on Ms Ayame's face adds a real dimension of someone otherwordly, but none-the-less someone who is an outcast, or perhaps even evil.

The costuming is rather clever too! I love how it feels so pieced together, again adding to that notion of an unstable outsider. The bluish tinge to the knife is quite a nice touch (Crow's and Magpies are known to have an obsession for the colour blue! At least I THINK Crows do as well...), and the talisman in her hand just adds to the flavour.

Ayame is strikingly beautiful, which creates another interesting contrast! But again, something as simple asn an eyepatch(?) it is an eyepatch over her right eye yeah?) just changes things up so well!!

Well done in shooting, and well done by all involved! :D
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Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback-- I'm really glad you like it! :)
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ValentinaKallias's avatar beautiful and mysterious...
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thank you so much. That is very high praise, coming from you. I'm flattered. :)
density-tmr's avatar
This is good - makes me think of the sort of character you see in films sometimes lurking in the shadows - the sort where you cross their hand with silver and they tell you something you really don't want to hear.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thank you! You've captured the feel we were going for nicely with the way you put that.
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