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Anne is Not Dead

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Once every week, I try to do something extra special to spread the word about Black Label Comics. We call it Black Label Comics Tuesday. This week seemed like the perfect time to make our biggest announcement yet.

We have already mentioned that Black Label Comics #1 will include pin-up art by a number of comics pros-- Blair Shedd (~onegemini of IDW's "Doctor Who"), Daniel Govar (*saulone of DC/Zuda's "Azure"). and Nikki Cook (*Blisterlips of DC/Vertigo's "DMZ", the Act-I-Vate webcomic collective, and Marvel's "Girl Comics") but I can now share that we will also have a complete story illustrated by another one of my favorite comics pros.

The last story in Black Label Comics #1 is a story illustrated by Craig Yeung (*Csyeung inker on Marvel's "The Mighty Avengers" and "S.W.O.R.D" and DC's "Superman/Batman" among many others) and colored by regular Deathlings colorist Juri Hayasaka (*jurithedreamer).

This two-page story takes place during the middle part of "The Deathlings: Anne's Story", where we join Anne's best friend Sara in the midst of a fitful dream about her missing friend.

Only our Kickstarter backers can see the story now, but even a $1.00 pledge lets you see the entire story.

:iconblacklabelcomics: :iconthedeathlings:

"The Deathlings: Anne is Not Dead"
Writter/Letterer: Ian Struckhoff (`ian-x)
Artist: Craig Yeung (*Csyeung)
Color Artist: Juri Hayasaka (*jurithedreamer)
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To be perfectly honest, although I want to write a Critique of this piece, I hesitate to do so simply because it may well turn out to be just gushing praise. From the lovely, sharp linework to the wonderfully subtle colours this page just screams quality. I love the detail in the first panel - Anne's arm going through Sara's leg is just one example of things that I originally missed only to be delighted by on a second look, and the skull replacing the Converse Star logo. Sara's absolutely mad hair waving throughout each panel.

The layout adds to the disjointed dream sequence, with the panel sizes decreasing as we zoom in towards the dreamer in a way reminiscent of the transtrav (or Forced Perspective) cinematic technique.

It would be churlish not to mention the colouring. Juri's pallette choice is inspired, with the blue/grey/green background allowing Sara to possitively shine on the page.

As I said at the beginning, I hesitated to write this as I was worried it'd just be gushing praise. In reflecion I think I was wrong to worry. This is a totally praiseworthy piece.
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I like this, nice work!
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All credit to =Csyeung and *jurithedreamer. They made it pretty, I'm just the writer. :)
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Sexy, creepy, with a nice color scheme; Sara pops right out of the page!
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Hey Ian, thanks for showcasing the page. As for publishing, there are many publishers to look at nowadays. Don't forget to check out indy publishers like APE Entertainment, Arcana, Markosia as well. ([link] , [link] [link])
IanStruckhoff's avatar
I should show you my submissions to-do list some time. ;) Those guys are on there.
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I would love to critique this but to be honest it looks flawless. The layout, colors and art are all elegant. You guys having a comic worthy of any of the major publishers by the looks of this page. My hat's off to you!
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thanks! Here's hoping the major publishers feel the same way. ;) Or any of the little ones.
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Fortunately theres a number of middle sized publishers out there as well, such as IDW.
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looks awesome!
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Thanks! I'm really proud to be involved, and it's great that people seem to like it.
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Nice. The intangible left arm going through her legs is a nice touch.
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I can't take credit for that, but I agree. Craig has a real eye for the details-- watching the hair and locket throughout the comic reveals a lot of understanding of comics storytelling.
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It's intriguing enough to want to find out more, and a credit to the talent you work with. Best of luck!
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No problem :).
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Nice work! Very haunting but still active!
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Thanks. I'm lucky to work with artists who elevate my scripts to something really special.
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Congrats! You look to be onto something special here!
Good luck with kickstart! Any plans to seek out a publisher?
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