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Ani pin-up - Nikki Cook

Ani from The Deathlings
Pin-up by Nikki Cook (~Blisterlips)
Featured in Black Label Comics #1

NOTE: I am the writer and creator of the character, not the artist. If you love the artwork, tell Nikki (~Blisterlips) too!

:iconthedeathlings: #thedeathlings

:iconblacklabelcomics: #BlackLabelComics

One of the greatest moments for me, since I began writing comics just a year ago, was seeing a pin-up by one of my favorite pro artists, of the character who is most dear to me.

Originally, I thought about holding back and making this image exclusive to people who buy Black Label Comics #1... but I needed something to brighten my day, and when this came in it totally fit the bill, so I can't resist sharing.
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I love this. The-girl looks like a boy, I love that, nice boobs, You have your really own style to make linearts and shadows, and it still looks like a comic!

This is Fabiles! Makes me wanna try comic-style Too!
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Please re-read the description. (The person posting this, me, is the writer, not the artist.)
MichelaDaSacco's avatar
Wow, beautiful!!! I know and love Nikki's work, this is a good shot, Ian!
IanStruckhoff's avatar
:D I'm really thrilled.

I can't think of a better job (or hobby) than making comics. Moments like this are priceless.
MichelaDaSacco's avatar
Yes, you're right!!!
onegemini's avatar
Awesome - I'd watermark that puppy though.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Yes, good point. I don't usually do it, but this is an exception.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
It made my day. So unexpected, and yet so true to the character. Nikki is brilliant.
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