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6. The Nebula Sirens

Over the ages, various space-faring cultures have encountered the mysterious “Nebula Sirens,” but have so far been unable to determine even the most basic means of communicating with the strange beings. Because of this, virtually nothing is known of their history, culture, or origins.

Early space explorers are said to have believed the creatures to be predators of a sort, tempting men to space-walk into the nebular clouds.

It appears that the creatures, while largely humanoid in appearance, are native to the near-vacuum of interstellar nebulae. It isn’t known whether they originated there, how exactly the survive, or how they have been seen in distant nebulae despite having no apparent means of interstellar travel.

Basic scans have suggested the creatures are made of dark matter. At first glance, they appear to be humanoid-shaped voids in the material of the nebula, revealing the blackness of space. In fact, they are perfectly black-surfaced, reflecting very little if any light.

Typically, it’s believed that there are more “sirens” that are female in appearance, but surveys have indicated that perhaps the females are simply more curious or social, and thus seen more often by explorers and other outsiders. Deeper in the nebulae, numbers of males– and indeed non-humanoid– “sirens” appear fairly even.


The ideal design would show a female “siren” deep in swirling colorful nebular clouds, herself just a black void in the colorful gases. (Really the design is all about negative space.) In addition, a few more of the creatures could be shown in the background deeper in the nebula.

They should be shown with a curious and becoming demeanor, as if trying to greet the people inside a passing space vessel. Their intentions are fairly enigmatic, but not visibly hostile.

Artwork by *saulone

UPDATE June 2011: This character (and concept) is featured in my upcoming one-shot comic FAILSAFE, illustrated by *ryancody. For more info, or to pre-order, check out [link]


From The 30 Characters Challenge
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Utterly beautiful.
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thanks-- Keep your eye out for the comic. :)
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You're welcome. I certainly will.

I invite you to visit my profile sometime if you are at all interested. I would be honored to know what you think of my work.

Do you have dreams and wishes you wish would come true come visit my's magickal.

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niiiiiiiiiiice................another idea you've kicked around?

DAYAM i haven't been on here regularly keeping up with my acct. like i should, i'm missing out on EVERYTHING!
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This was part of the 30 Characters challenge. Each of the dozens of people who joined the challenge created 30 new characters back in November.
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wow, really? is it an idea you just kicked around for fun or is it for future reference?
IanStruckhoff's avatar
A little of both. I hope I can find the time for a story about them. :)
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
and if not get a few others involved to write to ease your workload. i know what it's like to be both the artist and writer but sometimes it doesn't hurt to take it easy and free up some time to tackle other endeavors.:nod:
IanStruckhoff's avatar
I don't understand. I work on comics because I love to write.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
i can see that, i didn't want it to come off like some burden since you're making a career out of something you love. i was saying it doesn't hurt to get a few other writers involved to bounce ideas off of or at least make it seem less of a chore/hindrance. the last thing i would want for myself is to despise the thing i love because i don't enjoy it or get the satisfaction out of it like i used to. i would hate for that day to arrive.
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Conceptually stunning design, love the use of shape and color. As a viewer I appreciate the level of thought and effort you obviously invested when to when executing this idea. Exceptional work
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Most of the credit has to go to Dan (*saulone) who did the artwork. He really took my design notes and turned them into something fantastic.
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very cool work! :thumbsup:
I love it! Both the concept and the art itself
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thanks! (Though I can only take credit for the first half of that.)
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