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I will be at Bristol Comic Expo this weekend, selling prints and original pen and watercolour sketches, its a pre paid ticket event only, you can get your tickets here.  Hopefully see you there.

Apologies for the lack of work going up here at the moment I have a few things on but NDAs means I cant upload any of that project work for the time being but it is super fun stuff, I will however now be painting a Cheetara, Snarf and Panthro soon because of people wanting Liono prints at DevCon1 which was a fantastic convention and a great day.
I will be at the Plymouth Dev Con 1 convention this saturday, drawing digitally and selling prints, if you are in the area please nip by and say Hi.
I just uploaded a new painting video Undead Tower, please check it out…
I will be available for commissions soon, I will keep you posted as to when.
So I am going to be at the Exeter Comic Expo
Date: Sunday 17th February
Location: Rougemont Hotel, Queen St, Exeter

I will be selling prints and working on my Journey to the West Graphic Novel if you want a peek at some more pages, if you are in the area please stop by and say hi.
I love thundercats, this is my take on Lion o it's still in progress, will upload when its finished
Livestream of Lost Kids painting
The colouring of Scarecrow
Part 1

Part 2
Livestreamed Talon Painting
So I had a space itch that needed scratching, thought I would take a little break from monkies. Here is my painting process for Lysander he is not finished yet, however I will post more as soon as possible:…
I will be at Exeter Comic Expo this september.
Sunday September 23rd, Rougemont Thistle Hotel
More details can be found here:…