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Rainmeter Fallout Pipboy Suite

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Note that I am not continuing work on this and have not played with Rainmeter for many years.

My first ever rainmeter project.
Try it out, tell me what you think.
Still not 100% complete but very usable.
This will turn your computer desktop into a working Pipboy.
Recommended for screen resolutions of 1366 x 768, laptop size.
It is a working pipboy from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, buttons work and change screens.
Items and data provide links to programs while stats shows weather, power and gmail.
Click download to download all files.

Without power buttons:…

Please read the read me file before asking questions.

Development files to help with customization and editing…
Clean wallpaper…
to download rainmeter, follow this link
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Thank you for sharing!

I cant get the weather to work. Any tips?

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please help, pipboy buttons are bugged… someone please do answer
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looks like you moved the skin. Make sure to lock it.
Note that it is built for a laptop screen resolution, so some editing may be required for 1080p
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Awesome work you got here, dude. It works well.
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this is AWESOME!!!
hey i just downloaded your skin and it was a nice one, but the pipboy 3000 wont show like the above picture.. should i download it from google image or what..? i really apreciate it if you help me thanks..
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I Dled one that looks like just the Pip Boy screen found here:…
I had to do some editing to get all 3 yellow buttons to show so i could switch between the different screens but it works 
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There is a link in the description to the wallpaper I used. The skin displays the green overlay of the screen and the little rad meter on the top left.
Please note that the skin and wallpaper were created for a laptop resolution screen and may not look as good on a 1080p monitor.
If you are using it for a different resolution then that might explain your display issues. If thats the case, you may need a different wallpaper
oh yes i didn't notice, thanks man.. your work is amazing.. i can't wait until further updates for your rainmeter.. you did a great job.. thank you
Hi, sry for my bad english, u can help me for drag ur skins into my dual screen "1920 x 1080" ?
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Probably not, I made it for a screen size of a laptop.
You may be able to use it for a 1080p monitor, but definitely not as a duel screen display.
Here is a link to the original screen I used which is 1680 x 1050
You may be able to edit this in a way that looks appealing to you to fit your screen and the skin.
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How do you get to the items display?
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Use the pip boy buttons, they are clickable an should change the page
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Thist sound dumb but how do I install all of this? Youtube wasn't helpful.
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You need to go and install a program called 'rainmeter'.
This program will allow you to put customized 'skins' onto your desktop.

After you install rainmeter, you will get a rainmeter folder in your "my documents" folder. In this rainmeter folder you will find all of the skins you have installed.

Once you have rainmeter installed, you can download the .rmskin file from this page. Open that file with rainmeter and it will prompt you to install it. click install and you have it.
I am having an issue with the weather
it wont show anything
Can someone help me please?
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lets do some basic debug
1. Make sure you have some form of internet connection
2. Make sure you have entered your correct weather code
3. If you have changed anything in the file, make sure you havent accidentally deleted anything. You can download a fresh copy and compare your files.
4. Worst comes to worst, re-install. If you do this, would be a good idea to have a backup of all your other files and just replace the weather files.
I already tried to setup the location but it wont work
After about an hour of customizing my tabs, locations, etc., it works perfectly for me! The *only* issue I have is both the Items and Data sections use the same pictures, and it would be cool if you could set the scroll wheel to either click & drag or scroll and have more items on each screen.

Nice coding work, everything was nicely labeled and organized. Very easy to change settings, and it's great to find something specifically designed for 1366x768.
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Cheers, you can customize the images that each individual link uses.
There is a bunch of images in the resources folder if you are interested.

Otherwise if you are really keen, there is developer files linked in the description which you can use for a bunch more customization.

I may make a fallout 4 version with variable screen resolutions after exams, but there is no guarantee about that. You can watch this account if you would like to know what is happening with that.
Ok, now that I know how to get to the resource folder I can take care of that, thanks for including those. I'll check out the dev file tomorrow, looks like it has a bunch of nice stuff in it.

I'm new to Lua and Rainmeter, just got it yesterday, but it's close enough to C++ its not too difficult, but different enough that I'm still muddling through some things.
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Just want to change my  reply slightly, the images are in the "pipboy" folder.
They are all whit images with transparent backgrounds so it may be some trial and error.
You can also add any images to this folder and call them the same way I do and have whatever image you want.
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