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Asperger and the consecuences:
When a mind is literal, the difficulty in understanding jokes, double meanings, sarcasms, are not the only problem.
When your mind is literal, you believe everything they tell you, even when all this is done in jest, the consequences of this can be unpredictable and alter your personality in very deep and complex ways.
As if you were reprogrammed to create an inreal image about yourself.
As a child I felt identified with the robotic characters, especially with the androids, those who tried to understand human behavior.
Who felt confused by the feelings and emotions of men, and many times I feel that way.
I watch people and see how they relate, laugh and get excited with fluency and naturalness.
It is as if I had not been programmed for that, the people of the unknown planet are able to interact with each other with a surprising fluidity and at the same time unintelligible to me
For more that try to act like them, makes me very complicated, since my actions are always premedicated.
And to me this interaction overload me, to the point of blocking me.
To be that all my reactions are awkward, Why I can not act that way?
Why it is so difficult for me to confront myself like them?
My behavior is more like a robot, a robot that feels more comfortable executing instructions. But a social situation is governed by spontaneity and this term for me is difficult to understand.
The people of the unknown planet are usually spontaneous and this means unpredictable.
And the unpredictable for the asperger only means one thing: anxiety.
It is as if I am programmed to act in a social situation and when I say "to act" I say it literally.
When you see an asperger apparently dealing with a fluidity in a social situation, it is most likely that he is acting
Many aspergers have learned to act in social situations but DO NOT BELIEVE that you have overcome the problem.
What you are doing is interpreting your role.
And acting is exhausting, people being unpredictable may even overload the asperger..
I do not know what it feels like to act with naturalness, maybe you die without knowing it ...
For me to act naturally is more a performance, having a conversation always carries a great degree of tension.
Inside my thoughts and feelings circulate, all this is natural for me
I have not been programmed to react to physical contact.
And this is very uncomfortable, not only because of the sensation, but because you do not know what to do, how to react.
The only idea you can keep in mind is "when they stop touching you?"
For all this is that when this social situation comes, you come to your house and you feel a great relief, because at last you can be yourself and stop acting.
Every word that receives an asperger is like a programming code that is inserted in his mind, in his soul and in his being.
Which will affect your thinking in ways that may be unsuspected.
So they should be very careful about the things they tell the children to asperger, because they are very literal and what for you can be a joke, they are going to take it seriously and this can have great consequences.
Consequences ranging from a simple confusion to fears, aveciones and complex, that will affect it strongly.
I remember when I was a child of my uncles, to be funny and without any bad intentions, I always said "you are very old"
For my literal mind of 9 years, this innocent joke makes that i felt a fear of the birthdays.
And a lot of confusion in my mind, at age 10 I thought I was old and every birthday was worse.
If even child asperger you say something of its physical aspect and if you say it as a joke will also take it literally and create more complex.
Complexes that will make you create masks, even today I take things literally and although I can detect a sarcasm, my brain is slow to distinguish whether this is a joke or not.
And even when I can interpret what was said as a joke, the idea that what he said was not a joke would be creating a doubt and creating confusion.
If you tell an asperger boy "you're useless, you're no good at anything, you're a coward" and the worst things you could say, like "I can not stand you anymore" or "I do not want you", all these messages will be like darts That hurt his heart, much more than even a normal boy.
Whether you are asperger or not, the first thing you must do is recognize these problems in yourself and face them with reason.
You should not give so much credit to what people say, love and accept with all the defects and virtues you can have.
Nobody is perfect, learn to accept your limitations naturally.
Do not seek the approval of others of what you do.
And learn to live according to your own convictions.
Recognize your complexes, accept them and learn to live with them is the first step to overcome them.
Which are lived and expressed differently.
And even if they identify us as machines, we are not, within us there are emotions, which are lived and expressed differently.
It is not in my programming to express emotions so easily, something limits that my emotive thoughts can be expressed easily in words.
When I tried it I was in a very uncomfortable situation for me, but we are human beings with the same needs, affection, respect, friendship to be able to develop healthily.
And it is necessary to feel identified with our environment.
To feel safe and have a healthy life, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
And that sacred core where everything must start is from the family.
The family is the one who must provide these simulations, in order to build our life.
But this society pushes us to lose the sense of the sacred.
And I'm not just talking about God, I'm talking about considering the family sacred, consider the elders sacred, consider the world we live in also sacred.
(I meant: to consider sacred also the planet in which we live)
This world want us as machines, machines that have no more emotions to produce.
And for that we did not ask things, they give us entertainment, very low quality entertainment.
The elders are no longer so sacred, that's why we locked them up in retirement homes.
Because keeping them takes away time in fun, families are no longer sacred because of that, people marry and divorce as if they changed their shoes.
Life is no longer sacred and that is why we see how they kill each other mercilessly, in the most cruel ways even among relatives: parents VS children, children VS parents.
The planet is no longer sacred either, so we exploit it to extract everything that can make us useful.
And this is simply because we have lost the sense of what is sacred, if nothing is sacred anymore, we are at the service of our own instincts.
Of the instincts of those who have all the power and if they only think of betraying, humanity will be in serious danger.
just i gonna clear this:
i'm a good person in heart, seriously, is just i don't understand your "jokes" and some stuff of this world...
everyone thinks that i'm sick for the head, but you don't know about my life, but who cares anyway? who gonna cares why i'm feeling "crazy of bad thinking of my brain"
i'm just sick of the bad thinks and feelings that happens in this place of full madness call "online"
i still here because i have friends that have true hearts and i care about them, they are the best that i had
you want to insult me? you want to think that i'm bad in my brain, do it, you are free to express what you want to say at me...

voy a aclarar esto:
yo soy una persona buena de corazon, enserio, solo que no entiendo sus "chistes" y algunas cosas de este mundo...
todos piensan que estoy mal de la cabeza, pero no saben nada de mi vida, pero que importa de todos modos? a quien le va a importar porque me siento "loco o mal del cerebro"
estoy cansado de la cosas y sentimientos malos que pasan en este mundo lleno de locura llamado "internet"
sigo aqui porque tengo amigos que tienen corazon real y me importan ellos, ellos son lo mejor que he tenido
quieren insultarme? quieren pensar que estoy mal de la cabeza? hazlo, eres libre de expresar lo que deseas decirme.....



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yeah, cockvirus masks are cool and stylish. <3

you're welcome dear~

Same grin, New oni mouth

looks great the new change of your mask.

nice detail.

and responding your question of if people uses cockvirus mask in these days, well, yes.

in my case, the town i live, including me, still wears masks.

the vaccine anti-cockvirus is here but still we have to be careful.

Same grin, New oni mouth

this sexy and beautiful model is only for the one who give you points?

oh, eso suena genial!

no sabia de eso la verdad, pero aun asi ojala que les vaya bien en el nuevo estudio.

crear un nuevo estudio es un movimiento ariesgado y hay creadores de juegos buenos que tuvieron sus propias empresas y fracasaron tristemente.

pero, les daremos fe a que el juego sera un exito

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