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Cyberpunk Character Design

Character/Custom design I did for a cyberpunk game
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This is amazing work! Thank you!
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Thank you! Cool name
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This is awesome, biotic arm looks great 😊
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Could you tell me the name of the game? She looks nearly exactly like a character I designed for the novel I'm working on for the past 10 years and it does make me curious of the origin. (Don't worry I'm not contacting you for legal purpose, I'm well aware of parallel developments. I'm genuinely interested in the work it will be into).

By the way I'd be interested in hiring you for a commission for my cover and I was wondering if 1 you were interested and how much you would charge for something with similar aesthetic but with background (we'd have to talk about it a bit as I am not certain of exactly what I want.) I'd have to warn you, though, I'm severely limited in my budget (literally all the money I'd pay would come from my food money.) But I am ok with skipping a week worth of meals if I can get something of good quality. Or if you had other stuff in that vein, already done and fitting, that you have the rights of... Anyway... (by the way I saw this image in a cp group on facebook I'm on, so I guess we are in the same internet circles :p .)
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Well, the game is called "Gangs of Mars" by Epiphany Games. I don't think it's out yet. The origin of this character is that they asked me to design 6 different types of armor for the game, this was the lightweight armor design. That's it, everything else came from my imagination. And this exact character probably doesn't even appear in game, being an mmorpg, it has a character generation screen were the player builds and later customizes their own character. All the armor, guns, cybernetics, etc, can be ordered in a wide range of finishes, so you can have hot-pink cybernetic arms and Martian desert-camo SMGs or whatever.
Sweet, I'll keep an eye open for the game, looks really interesting.
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Wicked cool and pretty!
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Looks like a cool character and love the designs of the synthetic parts. Any plan for future art of cyborgs/robots? ;)
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Of course! Stay tuned here or check out my dark futuristic art page on facebook…
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You're welcome!
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Absolutely magnificent. Love it!!!! <3
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Wow !
I really love this design !
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