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Baba Yaga

By ianllanas
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The witch from Slavic fairy tails and legends. If you are a bad child this will happen to you too. Done for a contest.
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May I use this for one of my posts?

I’ll link back and credit you. ^^

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Now imagine her with the voice of Ms. Fowl from Jimmy Neutron.
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very well done.

breath out
again you little
brat because I 
am the stealier of

and I 
got you right here it's coming
at me one way or another.......
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Some of my ancestors had some really sick ways of disciplining their children. "Behave or a demon witch will eat you alive." I was just always told Santa wouldn't give me toys.
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Now that's what I call Baba Yaga :)
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I always did prefer the more macabre aspect of Baba Yaga, since she started out first as an old witch who kept the forest, but when parents started scaring their kids with the stories, she became something more frightening than mystical. Hope the contest went well for you - this is awesome.
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suggested for a DD ;)
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I cannot stop looking at this!
its so scary and awesome! :D
Can I post a link to this deviation on my facebook?
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I like the facial expressions and the work on her house in the background!
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white wolf made her a vampire... that fits perfect to the pic :D
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that is how they scare me when i was kid :D
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Damn that is scary!
Poor kid.
beautiful picture though youve captured the horror perfectly
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awsome pic man,great poses,expressions and love the color palette.was the house in the background part of the story too?
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Thanks! In the stories she has a house that walks around on chicken legs and she flies around in her mortar and uses the pestle to steer.
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