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My Bio

Business consultant and non-practicing lawyer Ian King Los Angeles currently resides in Studio City, California. He has also served in the military. He was raised in Encino, California.


Currently, King is employed as a Senior Advisor with a business firm that owns and operates real estate holdings, which include restaurants, convenience stores, and accountancy companies, among other businesses. Kings Consultants LLC, of which he is the owner and managing partner, is a crisis management firm that he founded. With direction and assistance in this capacity, he has assisted numerous businesses and people in overcoming problems and finding wealth and success. In this role, he has assisted numerous organizations and individuals in overcoming obstacles and achieving prosperity and success through counseling and support.


Though he has a lengthy history of helping a number of organizations while also giving back, King's areas of competence include problem-solving and crisis management abilities, which are frequently tough to come by in today's world of technology. He also has a long and successful professional and educational background in business and law. It is also evident in the work that he has done and continues to do to benefit the society in which he lives, as evidenced by his extensive military service.


Ian King

Ever met someone who seems to have a finger in every pie and still manages to bake more? That’s Ian King for you. This Los Angeles dynamo is celebrated for his diverse community contributions. As a non-practicing attorney, Ian excels at mediating conflicts and resolving disputes without the usual courtroom drama. He’s a lifesaver for many, cutting down on both time and costs. But wait, there’s more. Ian is also a real estate whiz, helping folks find their perfect homes and smart investments.

Los Angeles https://ianmitchellking.com/about/

Los Angeles, where dreams come true and the sun never sets. This city is the backdrop for Ian King’s many ventures. With its rich culture and energetic vibe, LA is the perfect place for Ian’s initiatives. Take the LA Creative Network, for example. Ian is passionate about making creative opportunities available to all. Think about community art projects, local talent showcases, and creative workshops that unite people. Sounds inspiring, right? Then there’s the LA Wellness Hub, Ian’s brainchild to boost post-pandemic mental health and community wellness. It’s all about reconnecting and rejuvenating the city’s spirit.

Kings Consultants, LLC

On the business front, Kings Consultants, LLC is Ian’s pride and joy, nestled in the heart of Studio City, CA. This consulting firm is the go-to for expert mediation and conflict resolution. Whether it’s a business clash or a personal spat, Ian’s got the expertise to iron things out. His background as a non-practicing attorney equips him with unique perspectives and effective solutions, making everyone involved feel like winners.

Studio City

Let’s chat about Studio City, Ian’s professional playground. This charming neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley offers a perfect blend of tranquility and urban buzz. It’s the ideal spot for Ian’s consulting practice, providing a welcoming environment for both business and community activities. Studio City’s community-driven vibe aligns perfectly with Ian’s philosophy of fostering connections and supporting local projects. Here, Ian is not just a businessman; he’s a community builder and a local hero.


So, what’s the big picture? The Los Angeles Ian King career and initiatives highlight his unwavering dedication to improving life in Los Angeles. Through Kings Consultants, LLC, the LA Creative Network, and the LA Wellness Hub, Ian is all about nurturing creativity, enhancing mental health, and building strong, vibrant communities. Based in Studio City, CA, Ian continues to make a significant impact, helping to create a more connected and lively city. Want to learn more about his journey? Get the full scoop on Ian King here.

Feeling inspired to join the movement? LA is ready for you!

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